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Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children

March 11, 2010, 15:00 13900 deti.zp.ua The key aim of Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Center activity is to fulfill the action plan in terms of social, pedagogical, psychological and rehabilitation, occupational guidance and medical care of children with special needs.

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Zaporozhye region develops a system of complex rehabilitation care of handicapped children. The top priority principles of this activity and measures are timeliness, regularity, consistency and availability of rehabilitation care for physically and mentally disabled children.

The population of Zaporozhye oblast includes 5 900 handicapped children, the most part of them need rehabilitation and social integration.

According to the Law of Ukraine “The Rehabilitation of Disabled Children” following a decision of Zaporozhye Regional Council “Regional Development Program of the Rehabilitation Measures for physically disabled people with mental deficiency 2007-2011” by the decision of the Regional Council the public unity service «Zaporozhye rehabilitation centre for disabled children” under Zaporozhye Regional Council was founded in April 2009.

Center students with mentors

The key aim of Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Center activity is to fulfill the action plan in terms of social, pedagogical, psychological and rehabilitation, occupational guidance and medical care of children with special needs.

The Rehabilitation Center’s activity is focused on the integration of different medico social strategies for high-quality complex rehabilitation of handicapped children. There is a high-qualified personnel here: pediatrists, neuropathologists, doctor in exercise therapy and sports medicine, masseur, speech therapist, recreation therapist, tutors, music director, paramedical workers and others.


The classrooms are well appointed with the facilities for the development of intellectual, tactical, motive and creative abilities; social and professional facilities; materials about nasology programs for all ages; modern rehabilitation and intervention programs and so on.

According to the disabled person’s individual rehabilitation and examination program the specialists work out the individual plan of the child’s rehabilitation. In accordance with this plan the specialists of the Rehabilitation Center work with handicapped children. After completing the rehabilitation course the Rehabilitation Center staff provides the children’s parents with the recommendations for further rehabilitation measures for their child.

individual lessons with a teacher-therapist

The specialists of medical care department give attention to the physical state correction. They use the elements of kinesitherapy, ergotherapy, massotherapy including aroma massage, phytotherapy, vitamin therapy, immunoprophylaxis, therapeutic exercises by Smolyaninov, Bobat and Voight methods and so on. The handicapped children from 17 regions of Zaporozhye oblast can be consulted in Zaporozhye Regional Children’s Hospital.

study of physiotherapy

The mental development corrections are a cogent part of child’s integration. The social, psychological, pedagogical rehabilitation is aimed to help the child to become all-sufficient and be able to adopt in the modern society.

While working with the disabled children the Rehabilitation Center specialists use the up-to-date methods that include the principles of Montessori and Peto methods, art therapy, game-, tales and puppet theater therapy. They also extend the knowledge of the school subjects according to the scale of age, social and professional orientation and so on.

Art therapy

Sensory room: chill out music, aromatherapy, “starry arch” method, “hydrotherapeutic procedures” in dry basin and shower-bath, colored bubbles, “the Firebird” are the elements for development of sensor abilities, visual and auditory perception.

Cabinet sensory rehabilitation

The regimen of handicapped children of Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Center:

- 24/7 hospital department with free four meal form food;

- Day-time hospital department with free single meal form food (by schedule)

- The activities are scheduled from 1 to 6 months

Estimated Capacity of the Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Center:

- 24/7 hospital department – up to 30 children;

- Day-time hospital department – up to 25 children.

The children aged from 2 to 18 are admitted to the Rehabilitation Center according to the following applied documents:

- Recommendations provided on the disabled person’s individual rehabilitation and examination program;

- The list of documents: a copy of the disabled person’s individual rehabilitation and examination program; birth certificate (a copy); identification code of the disabled child (a copy); passport data of parents or official representative of the disabled child (a copy of the passport pages 1-3 and 11); authorization note from general education institution (for handicapped children of school age); medical certificate (Form 112-o); reference on the environment epidemiology

- The order of labor and social security administration of regional state administration and petition of labor administration and social security administration by place of residence of the disabled child

Since March 2009 when Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Center had been opened to 01/01/2010 156 disabled children from 14 regions of Zaporozhye oblast proceeded with the course of rehabilitation.

Children's dining

We are on the first level of our development. We hope that the Rehabilitation Center will be improved and it will allow us to expand the complex rehabilitation services and enhance the rehabilitation procedures to get successful results.

For this purpose we need the help of sponsors. To expand material and technical basis we need to purchase modern therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment (massage table, treatment couches, shields, hoist for wheelchairs, exercise equipment for exercise therapy, balneal bath), TV sets, air conditioner, playground and minibus for the transportation of disabled children. We will be very grateful to everybody who can help the disabled children of Zaporozhye region.

You can help using convenient ways of donation (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Webmoney, etc.)

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The Public Unity Service «Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children” under Zaporozhye Regional Council

2, Chervonopolyanskaya Str., building 4




tel./fax: (061) 769-04-43, тел.: (061) 701-19-93, (061) 701-22-91

E-mail: kz_zocsrdi@mail.ru

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