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Dasha needs your help!

May 18, 2010, 15:00 5855 Author: Inna Fomenko, Inna Grigorieva www.deti.zp.ua Costs for Dasha’s bone-marrow transplantation are being fundraising, but time is limited and the sum is far from enough

Parents of Dasha have already made several requests to several clinics in Poland, Israel, German and Belorussia. For today the account for BMT is received from Belorussia Cancer Institute.

It costs $20 000 to typing at European International Bank of Donor, $3 000 for finding tissue and blood matching donor, $15 000 – surgery and rehabilitation.

It is impossible to find such sums for doctors’ family. Father of the girl, Sergei Dmytriievych, is a head of department of surgery at Regional Hospital of Vasylivsk, mother Svetlana Vasyliivna – head of blood transfusion department. They have been working in the healthcare system from 1987. All these years they were curing and saving lots of people, but now they have no possibility to help to their own daughter.

For the moment parents appeal with asking for help to different funds and organisations, but fundraising is still very weak. Thanks to efforts of the father and yours donations it is collected 92 000 of grivnas for Dasha’s BMT. 10 000 of them was used for blood typing. But Dasha’s time is running up. First remission will be in 3-4 months. After it, in case there would be no surgery, doctors would be bound to continue chemotherapy, which poisoning child’s body and can’t last forever. Unfortunately, we saw at various times children succumbing of difficult curing and dying.

At the present time Dasha feels herselg badly – she has a very unsatisfying test tube assay because of high chemotherapy dosing. But we keep a good heart and believe that together we can help the kid.

You can transfer donations on Dasha’s father, Ievdokimov Sergei Dmytriievych, account. Requisites are at asking for help for the child.

Телефон Сергея Дмитриевича +38 (067)435-24-25

Other ways of donation transferring (Internet Wallets, transferring from Russia etc.)

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