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Picture story: We learn to get over the difficulties together

October 22, 2010, 18:30 4574 Author: Vera Kаrablina translated by Helen Zolotaryova deti.zp.ua The Children from the Children's House in Gulyaipole discovered Crimea for their self in September 2010. It was the first trip for 18 children of them

It's always interesting doing something first time. Eighteen children from the Children's House in Gulyaipole were waiting for the real trip, first time in their lives! The children and The Children's House management were glad to accept our offer, and the meeting was held on October, 23th. The children were prepared very well and took even more food than we needed. Heavy backpacks were re-packed several times on the railway station in Zaporozh'e city. The kids were boarded into the train and went to sleep at once because of weariness. And fall Crimea was waiting for us in the morning!

Our trip was started near the Chernorechensky Canyon, not far from Sevastopol city. We went by bus and trolleybus a part of the road, and made a start to the Canyon near Chernorech'e place. The children understood what the trip is right here. We often made stops, and were absolutely happy when got the camp by the evening. Our first willing was to wash ourselves, but cold water cooled us. That's why we started to assemble the tents, collect woods, and prepare dinner. It was a lot of tent grabbing that time, so we got a decision to organize a night duty. It was a quite speaking between the kids, our volunteer Nicolay and the teacher, Vradimir Ur'evich.

The new day met us with a bright sun. The kids started working hardly in the morning. The girls were helping to make a breakfast, the boys were collecting woods and making a fire, we were one team of friends. After swimming in the beautiful Chernaya river, we went to Morozovka village. We had to go by the long way to our next camp that is not far from the Yalta highway. The place was beautiful but we were sad with the dryed river and weak spring. All our kids are very creative, and they investigated "the bottle equipment" to collect water. Being tired by backpacks and long way, we prepared very filling dinner. The children remembered our way sitting near the fire and dreamed about seeing the sea next day.

Next day we got to the Yalta highway. We were lucky to meet an empty bus, and our 22 members group went to Laspy Bay. We stopped near the Children's healthy center, assembled our tents exactly near the sea. The kids were enjoying with swimming and warming under the sun. We also saw an amazing firework for ending the season in the C.H.C. in the evening. But the kids thought that this firework was for their coming! Huge colored garlands flashed right above our head, and the kids were sitting near their tents listening to night surf and feasting eyes on a moon-glade.

It was a breakfast and back way to the highway Yalta-Sevastopol in the morning. It was hard to go a hill, but we were like a trained team, that's why we rich the Highway in an hour and went to Yalta by bus. We went to Simferopol by a trolley-bus, and boarded the train successfully.

Just four days in Crimea is a wonderful time, and we've studied to overcome difficulties, got to be friends and became a team! We want to believe that this trip was not the last, and we'll meet the kids again!

"The Happy Child" fund's employers sincerely thank the American Erik and his friends due to whose donations it became possible to present such unforgettable impressions!

By the way, to help the kids from the Children's Houses and families with many children to take part in the mountain trip, to see the Crimea's beauties or capital's of Ukraine sightseeings can anybody by making a small donation.

The cost of one child's taking part in 5-days trip is just 200-250 Ukrainian grivnas, in a trip to Kiev - just 80 grivnas.

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