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Evidence about a miracle!

June 30, 2011, 7:00 4999 Author: Inna Grigoryeva, translated by Elena Guda deti.zp.ua The last course of treatment – a bone marrow transplantation – was successful; analyses became better; at present Christina is not running a fever and right now she and her mother are coming back home to Melitopol by train

I beg your pardon, dear readers, for the incorrect previous information about Christina Voytovych’s diagnosis: Christina’s diagnosis specified in the Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital was correct and it was beyond doubt during the entire period of Christina’s treatment both in Zaporozhye and Kiev. It read: "В-Large cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma". The diagnosis was confirmed after examinations in Moscow.

It’s especially difficult for me to write news about Christina Voytovych today because… because I cannot FIND THE RIGHT WORDS TO EXPRESS MY JOY AND GRATITUDE TO ALL OF YOU – donors, doctors, volunteers, thousands of kind and sympathetic Ukrainians and citizens of other countries who literally saved Christina Voytovych! It’s because the basic treatment of Christina is completed and she is returning home. Thank God for this miracle, of which all of us are witnesses. It was confirmed by Christina’s doctor in charge.

God didn’t leave the girl alone on her difficult way: He sent her the amount of donations required for the treatment – a very expensive one but at the same time the only one appropriate in her situation. A possibility of treatment for Christina is a miracle in itself, let alone a happy end!

A lot of miraculous situations happened during Christina’s treatment. I’d like to tell you about one of them at least: after the bone marrow transplantation Christina was still running a fever but all medicines purchased for the marrow transplantation ended. In the morning Lena Voytovych called me and informed me in a tired voice that they needed one more pack of antimycotic medication «Vifend», and its cost was about 6,600 hryvnyas (824 US dollars)… After this, before I had time to come to my office and write a request and call someone, I got several SMS-reports informing that Elena Voytovych’s card had different inpayments for a total sum of 6,900 hryvnyas (861 US dollars). What can I say about it? The amount was sufficient to pay for both the pack of “Vifend” and the trip from Kiev to Melitopol! Indeed, God hears all our prayers and answers very quickly.

The last course of treatment – the bone marrow transplantation – was successful; analyses became better; at present Christina is not running a fever and right now she and her mom are coming back home to Melitopol by train. So now it’s possible to… well, I won’t tell you about Christina’s dreams, it’s her personal matter.

As for Elena and Christina’s life and plans after the treatment… Elena is going to get herself a job; Christina will act depending on her health conditions. For the next six months she will still need medical observation and will need drips of “Mabtera” once in two months for stabilization of the treatment results. The only thing we know for sure is the hardening Elena and Christina had to face during the disease can be compared only with the military conditioning of a person who survived in a hard battle. During Christina’s disease, the mother and her daughter discovered the main thing around which the entire life on Earth is arranged: they found their path to God; they became regular church-goers and understood the real sense of life.

I can’t stop thanking all of you for your contribution to Christina’s life; every donation you made was a ray of light and hope for the girl and her mother. Thanks to all of you they have survived! Thank you for your faith, cooperation, support and everything!

I will publish a detailed report on the incoming donations and expenses a little later – as soon as I obtain all the corresponding documents: medical records from the hospital where Christina was treated, bank records about the account assets’ movement.

I’d also like to ask you – if you have any possibility – to support Christina for some more time. During the next several months she will need to take medicine for hepatitis B: one pack of “Zephix” a month at the cost of 600 hryvnyas (75 US dollars). She will also need to save money for three courses of “Mabtera”, 600 mg packs which cost 18, 000 hryvnyas (2, 248 US dollars). Injections of this medication will be required during the next 6 months following the completion of the basic treatment. Let’s hope that Elena will find a job and all will be well by and by.


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