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The Makievy Twins Need Help!!!

July 21, 2011, 22:00 3209 Author: Iryna Gavrisheva, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua “We hope that our compatriots will not leave us alone with our problems in a foreign country”, - wrote the Makievy Family in their letter to our volunteer. We also hope that you will not leave this family all alone, will you?

Twins…We cannot help smiling every time we meet twin-children who are carbon copies of each other. It’s unbelievably touching. However, it’s extremely challenging at times as well. For example, when little twins have not only the same appearance but a terrifying diagnosis of cancer! The little twins Denis and Maxim Makievy were diagnosed with juvenile myelosis. This diagnosis leaves no chances unless it’s treated properly. This type of cancer requires bone marrow transplantation…These lovely brothers share this life threatening illness with each other…

Thanks to the support of the Italian Life Line Foundation and many kind donors, on the 23rd of March the little boys, their older sister and parents finally managed to fly to Italy for a medical examination. They kept on hoping that this terrible diagnosis would not be confirmed …but…alas…The examination showed that the twins have a complicated form of leukemia, so the boys need bone marrow transplantation. Their older sister unfortunately doesn’t suit as a donor, so she had to come back home to their grandmother. Thus, the parents had to start to look for an unrelated donor. And thank God this donor was found! Now the parents are arranging the date of the transplantation with the donor.

These two cute boys have to go through the hard journey called bone marrow transplantation. And their parents will have to support them on their way….TWICE!!! At first (approximately in September) the doctors are planning to perform the surgery on Denis, since his condition is worse. And then the little boy will have to spend 40 days in a sterilized isolation ward. Then it’ll be Maxim’s turn for the surgery. And another 40 long days and a real struggle for life!

The twins…They are spitting images of each other. … will have to be separated from each other for a seemingly endless 80 days. Even now their parents can hardly imagine how the brothers will be able to stand their first separation…The boys are so attached to each other.

After the transplantation surgeries, the little twins will have to stay in Italy for not less than six months. If everything goes according to plan, Denis will have his surgery in September and Maxim at the end of October. So, they will not be home earlier than in April. A year-long stay and treatment in a foreign country costs a lot. Although the treatment has already been paid for by the Italian Foundation (We’re deeply thankful to the Italian Foundation. Just imagine how much money we’d have to collect for two transplantations if it were not for the Foundation!!!) it is definitely not free of charge to rent a flat in Italy for a family of four (mom, dad and the twins). The family needs money for food, getting around, and everyday things and at least sometimes they need to buy some toys for their little sons! All these kind of expenses have been kindly covered by your March donations. But this money is almost over. And there are more than nine months of staying in Italy remaining! And there’s no one the family can rely on, except for you, big-hearted people!!!

We’re asking you, our dear readers to support these sweet little boys! It’s heartbreaking for parents when their child is diagnosed with such a terrible illness! It’s really not easy to stand the only chance of transplantation!!! And imagine this double heartache for these parents whose two tiny sons are equally ill with leukemia. And to top it all off, their only chance of surviving is bone marrow transplantation…How can they cope with it? How can they fight with it? How can they solve all those issues? But the parents of Maxim and Denis are coping, fighting and solving their problems step by step…And still they need your financial support! They really need money! They cannot solve even simple every day issues in Italy without having any money. Support them, please! Help these lovely twins to take their only chance of treatment! “We are thankful to all of you who think of us, write to us and call us. We hope that our compatriots will not leave us alone with our problems in a foreign country. Yours sincerely, Maxim, Denis, mom Natasha and dad Andrey”, - these are the lines from the letter that the Makievy family wrote to our volunteer. We also hope that you will not leave this family all alone, will you?

You can find the bank transferring details at the “help appeal page” of the twins.

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