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Video report: The impressions of our guest from the USA

October 24, 2011, 17:30 3078 Author: Vladimir Krasnogolovy, translated by Veronika Sheyko happychild.org.ua August 3, 2011 «The Happy Child» Charity Fund organized the visiting of three boarding schools in the Zaporozhe region for children with special needs. Maya was deeply impressed by the things she saw

Maya Rovenchak`s father was born in Ukraine, her mother was Filipino. To help the little orphans from these two countries as much as she can, was the first goal, which pretty and successful New York woman defined, beginning the charity work nearly 3 years ago. Frank reports, bright photos and, undoubtly, Maya`s peculiar personality attracted the like-minded people. So in 2010 the charity organization «Maya's Hope" was founded.

"Maya's Hope" conception is rather simple: to brighten up or even to change the child`s life it`s enough to donate only 30$ monthly. Maya and her friends find the responsible who send photo-reports about how the money was laid and what way the child gets it. Besides that the organization targetly helps children and orphanages of Ukraine and the Philippines.

August 3, 2011 «The Happy Child» Charity Fund organized the visiting of three boarding schools in the Zaporozhe region for children with special needs. Such things, which Maya saw, impressed her a lot and make her think over the orphans problems much deeper. Maybe it encourages "Maya's Hope" to look for new forms of work and further collaboration with «The Happy Child” fund.

In the video, shooting after the returning from Kalinovka, Maya tells shocking information, and even the comparison with the Philippines isn`t in favor of Ukraine. Keep in mind please that it`s a subjective point (objectively it`s for sure more complicated) and the matter is about very specific little orphans.

Maya Revenchak`s impression certainly is very emotional and in some way rather chaotic, but the girl has spent 3 days in Kalinovka, that is much more than regional bigwigs visit and coming of screws of greatest country channels. For a normal person the existence of such institutions themselves is beyond good and evil, but for the workers it`s a usual thing. It isn`t a problem of indifference of teachers and orphanage administration, but Kalinovka probably is the most far situated place from the town in the Zaporozhe region, so it conditions both their qualification and unwillingness of the new skilled personnel to work there.

Finally, the children's home ceased to be a thorn in authorities flesh, the region management helps the institution a lot, «The Happy Child» fund creates in Kalinovka the house of family type (the closest fund action will be devoted to this project), the orphanage gets presents and support of other social and charity organizations… But, as we can see, there are more problems without solving than achievement. For sure, examining the reasons and approaching this question, it will be possible to change anything.

And if we try with the whole world to help these children nowadays – the following generation, probably, will think of helping the whole world.

P. S. The orphanages in the Zaporozhe region, which Maya Rovenchak was talking about. The following links contain the urgent information about the institutions and their needs.

1. Zaporozhye Orphan Asylum (For Boys with abnormality of mental development)

2. The Kirovo invalids house (branch for girls)

3. The Chernigov Facility at Kalinovka: a “Home” for Disabled Children

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