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The Novonikolaevsk Comprehensive Boarding School

November 22, 2011, 23:15 5480 Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Veronika Sheyko deti.zp.ua The educational institution is more than forty years old. Nowadays there are brought up 81 children and 21 of them are orphans

The News about the Novonikolaevsk Comprehensive Boarding School

The Boarding School Needs


The children from the Priazovsky, Akimovsky, Tokmaksky, Veselovsky and Melitopolsky districts are brought in the comprehensive boarding school in Novonikolaevsk. This year 34 9th -formed pupils finished their education.

There are 72 people on the boarding school staff. Besides the school program the teachers try to vary their charges leisure: the manageress of the school museum has organized the embroidery circle, which both girls and boys visit with pleasure. Though, the boys haven`t a lot of alternatives – during so many years the administration of this school tries to get financing for setting up the exercise room here, and all for nothing. The sports ground also leaves much to be desired – it`s equipped only with the simplest apparatuses.

However, for the winter the management first of all plans to put game rooms in order – nowadays there are only TVs in them. According to plan there are going to make repair and renew the furniture.

The children will be very glad both to materials for needlework, and to developing games for children of the senior school age.

Needs of the Novonikolaevsk comprehensive boarding school:

1. Chairs, benches and sofas for three game rooms.

2. Wallpaper for three game rooms in 15 rolls for each (45 rolls in total).

3. Wallpaper for the hall in the school (19 rolls in total).

4. Cloth for embroidery (canvas), threads of different colors for embroidery.

5. Potters for flowers (middle and big).

6. TV and DVD for using them at lessons.

7. Developing games for pupils.

The address of the Novonikolaevsk comprehensive boarding school:

72350, the Melitopolsky district, Novolikolaevka village

Tel. number (380 6144) 9-16-81

Acting school head - director of studies Ruban Lubov Nikolaevna

Chief teacher Stoyakina Elena Anatolievna

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