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Dasha R., Returns Home After Surgery!

January 24, 2012, 20:00 4040 Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Yuliya Grytsenko www.deti.zp.ua Now the girl can run around with her brothers without risking her health

I met Dasha on my way to the department of cardiac surgery – hand in hand with her grandmother, she was coming up the stairs to the 5th floor after her walk – it is hard to believe that only a few days ago this child had a heart surgery. Dasha’s grandmother-guardian already recovered from stroke and took her grandchildren back from the shelter; so now, Dasha’s life is back to normal: the girl will live with her grandmother, sister and brothers at home, and her health is getting better after surgical intervention!

- Today, the most serious stuff is behind us – tells grandmother, - the only thing left to do is to remove stitches and then we will go home.

The girl was admitted to the hospital right after New Years, on January 3rd, together with her favorite doll, Alena. The surgery was performed by the head of the department of cardiac surgery of Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital (ZRCH) Vacheslav Osakulenko. As per his words, little patient did not have any complications during or after surgery.

The treatment became a reality thanks to the support of many caring people. We are saying:”Big Thank You!” – to the staff of several Ukrainian companies and other donors! A total of 11,340 UAH ($1, 406) was donated for Dasha’s medical care. 6,203 UAH ($770) was spent on Dasha’s surgery:

2,619 UAH ($324) – medical consumables for the cardiac pump;

2,700 UAH ($334) – medical consumables for anesthesia;

884 UAH ($109)– other medical supplies and drugs for surgery and reanimation.

It was possible to reduce the cost of the surgery due to the purchase of several oxygenators (a special, non-reusable device that supplies blood with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide form it, and is crucial during cardiac surgeries performed with cardiac pump) made for Zaporozhye Regional Hospital out of government’s budget. However, when hospital doesn’t have “budget” oxygenators, patients are forced to buy them, and the cost of this device – 4,895 UAH ($606).

To Dasha, the hospital gave oxygenator for free so there is 5,137 UAH ($636), not spent on recent surgery, still left on charity fund’s account. This money will be used to buy medical supplies and drugs for the heart surgery for another orphan-child.

Let’s hope that everything will be good for Dasha! One more time we thank all donors for the trust, compassion and for saving Dasha’s heart!

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