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Kosheva Natasha, born in 2011 – Fetal infection, lungs affection

January 25, 2012, 15:50 3955 Author: Alina Senyuk, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped little Natasha!

Kosheva Natasha, born on 11th November 2011

Diagnosis: Fetal infection, perinatal central nervous system damage, Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, abnormal development of the urinary system, a tracheostoma patient

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ATTENTION: (14.05.2012) Thanks to our kind donors little Natasha is slowly getting better!


A birth of a child…The first smiles, steps, the first accomplishments and failures, the first love and disappointments. Children usually fill the life of parents with happiness and troubles that never end.

The 11th of November 2011 was at the same time the happiest and the saddest day for the Koshevys Family. That day Gulnora became a mother of a beautiful baby girl Natasha. The whole family was looking forward to this great event. The labor was very complicated. To top it all, the baby girl was very weak. The following day the young mom was terrified to see her little daughter struggling for breath. Luckily the doctors managed to resuscitate Natasha. Soon though, the girl lapsed into a coma for a week. This three months old baby has spent most of her life in an intensive care unit. Sometimes the doctors have tried to move the girl in an ordinary ward but Natasha’s health condition worsened soon afterwards. Gulnora’s happiness at holding her precious baby and singing lullaby songs for her was rather short. The girl had to be rushed back to the intensive care unit of the Zaporizhzhya Children’s Hospital # 5. The doctors made a decision to allow Gulnora to stay with her daughter in an intensive care unit ward. This way she can always look after Natasha.

Although Natasha’s parents and doctors are desperately trying to save her life, it is unfortunately not enough. This struggle for life requires much time and…money! Medications and various treatment therapies for Natasha “swallow” a great deal of money every day. No one really knows when the girl’s condition will finally stabilise. The family has spent more than 2,480 US dollars for the last two months of treatment. What’s more, they had to run into debts. Even though Natasha’s parents have put a lot of effort and money into their daughter’s recovery, it’s likely that the treatment process with be long and challenging. The medicine list is getting bigger and more costly, but Natasha’s mom and dad have already run out of their own money…Besides, they also have two older daughters who need their parents’ care as well.

Natasha is only three months old but she has already had to fight a lot for her life. One can’t help crying looking at the girl’s tiny and delicate fingers and her sweet eyes that seem to beg for help. Her brave mom would do everything to save her little daughter.

Natasha’s parents are hoping for your financial support. They truly believe that many kind hearts will respond to their problem and will help their lovely daughter to survive. Little Natasha relies on every one of you who’s reading this article. Let’s support this sweet girl and help her come back home! Let’s try to give this tiny little girl and her parents a happy and healthy life!

The telephone number of Natasha’s mother Gulnora: +380632227781

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