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Bogdan Marinin, was born in 2008 - Two-sided deafness

January 27, 2012, 15:30 3413 Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Olesya Bob www.deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you, our dear donors, the hearing aid is already purchased!

Bogdan Marinin, born on 1st of July 2008

Diagnosis: Two-sided deafness

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Reports of Donations Received and Spent

ATTENTION (13.03.2012):

The fund-raising campaign is closed. The vitally important sum of 4,962 US dollars for the hearing aid is collected! We're grateful to all of you who has supported Bogdan!


How long could you stay in the absolute silence, without using a single word? Just imagine that there are something more than just white walls around, but a wonderful world of sounds! This boy does not know how a dog barks, or a sparrow tweets, how the rain knocks on the roof and the music sounds. He has never fallen asleep with his mother's bedtime story.

As well as the elder sister Bogdan has been deprived of the simple happiness to hear. Because of the deafness the boy has not started to talk. Nowadays he goes to a special kindergarten and tries lip-read the words his parents pronounce.

When Bogdan was a baby, the doctors could not make an exact diagnosis. A recent computer survey confirmed the deafness on the both ears.

The doctors have advised his parents to buy a hearing aid, which will open the new world of sounds for the child and also will let him make the first attempts to speak himself.

Depending on the functional features, its price ranges from from 1,116 to 3,100 US dollars. Thus, Bogdan needs around 6,183 US dollars for both ears!

The total income of Bogdan’s parents is 2,000 thousand UAH (around 248 US dollars) that’s why they need ages to collect the necessary sum of money. Meanwhile, the doctors recommend to buy it as soon as possible – in order to give the child a chance to develop the ability to speak in the future.

Please, help Bogdan to hear this world, and learn to speak, and he will thank you!

The family lives in the village of Kamenskoye of the Vasilevsky district.

The telephone number of father Oleg: +38 066 9948156

For further information contact the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

Reports of Donations Received

The bank account of Bogdan's father Oleg Marinin:

December 2011: 8,400 hryvnyas (1,044 US dollars)

January 2012 - 318 hryvnyas (39,55 US dollars)

February 2012 - 12,612 hryvnyas (1,568 US dollars)

March 2012 - 1,400 hryvnyas (174 US dollars)

10, 000 hryvnyas (1,243 US dollars) from our donor Eugeniy Chernyak

The bank account of the "Happy Child" charity foundation:

8,023,35 (997 US dollars) - from the charity concert

1,000 hryvnyas (124 US dollars)

All in all: 41,753 hryvnyas (5,192 US dollars)

Reports of Donations Spent

39,900 hryvnyas (4,692 US dollars) - the purchase of the hearing aid

800 hryvnyas (99 US dollars) - tuning the hearing aid.


1,053 hryvnyas (130 US dollars) - Bogdan's parents kindly donated this sum of money to the "Happy Child" charity foundation for other sick children

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