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The Kamyshevakha Secondary Boys’ School for social rehabilitation

January 26, 2012, 11:00 6174 Author: Viola Tarasova, translated by Yaroslav Ostapets deti.zp.ua There are boys aged 11 to 15 years studying at this school. They have been convicted for various crimes. Most of them are from dysfunctional families

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"The principles laid down in childhood look like carved letters on the trunk of a young tree which grow with it and are an integral part of it" – V. Hugo

But what if these “principles”are not positive? What if a child made a mistake and lost his way at the very beginning? The French writer was right, the errors of early growing, lack of parents’ education or their absence, crimes committed by children, all leave deep prints in a child's heart and life. However, we do not have the right to forget these children and turn our backs on them. They really need our support and protection.

There are such children in the Zaporozhye region. They live and study in Kamyshevakha Secondary Rehabilitation School. They are boys aged from 11 to 15. They have been convicted for various crimes but most of them are united by the fact that they are from dysfunctional families, and 30% of them are orphans.

These guys study like other boys and use the same curricula. Only the teachers are special. And the approach to these boys needs to be special. Many children have learning difficulties.

Apart from lessons, children have after-school clubs. They love to do handcrafts from wood, beads, straw, learn to embroider and knit, and attend a sports club. On the weekends and holidays the teachers and tutors have special educational programs for the boys. In the school there is a garden where students grow vegetables and fruits. Especially they like watermelons and melons. What child does not enjoy a slice of juicy fruit grown with his own hands?

When the boys have free time they watch TV and read books. Boys like to visit the convent, which is in Kamyshevakha. However, it is not easy for the school boys to get outside the school, only by the permission of the administration. Permission is not granted to everyone, the trust must be earned for good behavior.

Sometimes as a treat, children go on trips. In Zaporozhye they visited the horse theater on Khortytsya Island. Such events are possible thanks to friendly relations with the police school. They not only provide transport and escort the children to excursions, but sometimes come to visit them, talk with the boys and organize friendly football matches.

Sometimes students from universities come to school and perform concerts for children.

Only parents can have personal visits with the children. But the children must earn it.

Despite the specifics of this institution, the needs of the school are very similar to the needs of regular boarding schools:

- The school building needs major repair

- New plastic windows are very urgent because old frames are falling apart

- Gasification

- Sports equipment

- Educational films and cartoons

The gymnasium

If you want to help Kamyshevakha Secondary Rehabilitation School, you can transfer your donations to the bank account of the "Happy Child" charity foundation as "Charitable assistance to the Kamyshevakha Secondary Boys’ School for social rehabilitation”.


70 530, the Zaporozhye region, Orekhov district, town Kamyshevakha

Sevastopol Street, 17

Tel. +380 6141060290 ( Director- Larisa Michaylovna)

Please inform the director of the school and the charity foundation members about every donation.

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