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Photo reporting: 300 cool BIKERS (!!!) visited orphanage #3 in Zaporozhye

October 15, 2006, 0:00 13171 Author: A. Pavlov Orphanages of Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Invasions of bikers in the Zaporozhye boarding school # 3 was waited for a long time.

Usually with gifts there come school district representatives, factories representatives, institutes representatives. They speak any boring speeches... And here - bikers! And here long-awaited Saturday has come, on October, 7th, 2006 - day when abrupt guys and little girls in leather jackets have promised to arrive. Children patiently waited for visitors. Someone has had time to give interview to the Zaporozhye TV-channel; someone caressed the local favorite dog.

And finally, a front yard of a boarding school has been literally hammered by motorcycles, scooters of any colors. Something was created unimaginable. For certain, walls of a boarding school for the more than 50-years history did not see anything similar.

Children squealed from delight, trying to the touch a miracle-technique, dressing exotic helmets and gloves. With greater work tutors managed to entice children and a part of biker's brotherhood on a platform in front of the educational case.

Dear visitors accepted a concert of children's song and dancing. A lovely show... During this festival a word was given to the president of club of the Zaporozhye bikers "Silver star ", to the big person on a nickname "Egoist". This Egoist was confused a little, has wished children "To be obedient and study well. Otherwise... they become such as we ":-) Then the Egoist has presented a boarding school the TV, the video recorder and more some costly presents.

And finish this unusual action by dances of the most active bikers with children on a neck, mutual gifts and promises to meet again has come to the end. The author of this story was especially impressed with pair bikers, the 55-years guy and its girl of the same age, dancing more abruptly twenty years'. Here it is exact, never late to be young and free...

At last director of a boarding school Ekaterina Sharikova, having thanked visitors, has asked them all to not take away children with itself.

Again roar of motors, and for 5 minutes of 175 motorcycles have left boarding school's court yard. Children have gone to have dinner, discussing seen. The life of a boarding school again has entered into the track.

On the way at home I have thought - as I concern to these "people in black "? Also has understood the reason of the sympathy to them: in fact to manage to be pulled out from the ordinary, to look not as everything, to feel eternally young and free is reputable!

3 fairy - ninth-form girls prepared dance program

Children are waiting for bikers' arrival. If they will come, or not?

There are still no bikers here - it's possibl;e to pay attention to quadrupeds' friends.

While waiting, children can give interview to Zaporozhye's TV channel

Hurrah! Bikers are coming!

Walls of the orphanage haven't seen anything like it see now during its 50 years history!

As known, life is full of contrasts. Bikers on the kid's concert.

It's really cool bike!!!

"Mr. Biker! Please, tell us how you came to such life style?"

"3 tankmans, 3 cheery friends" (as in Russian song)...

Girl in "shapka Makhno"

We will remains together forever... On this picture.

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