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Musical Fairy-Tale of a Symphony Orchestra

May 25, 2012, 11:55 3245 Author: Yulia Akhtman, translated by Anya Gvozdyeva www.klubok.org.ua Students of Maiboroda College of Music staged a play about a symphony orchestra for the children. The future graduates have prepared an exciting performance wrapped in music

The students of Maiboroda College of Music staged a children’s play wrapped in an educational musical piece for their junior guests from large families or the ones adopted by the families of Yelizavetovka village of the Primorsky district. The young college talent told the spectators about the types of musical instruments and the differences and similarities between them. In order to make the performance easier to appreciate, kids were not only told about each of the instruments but were also given live performances of famous classical music pieces.

The musical play was hosted by a 4th year student Anastasia Baldina majoring in Theory of Music. With her engrossing tale of musical instruments the talented future graduate transported everyone into the world of music, art and creativity.

But what does Symphony Orchestra actually mean? The all-knowing Wikipedia’s definition is “a large instrumental ensemble that performs academic music mostly of Western European tradition. The orchestra consists of four sections: string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Sometimes the orchestra can also include other instruments, most often: harp, piano, and also organ, celeste and harpsichord.”

Anastasia Baldina – 4th year student and musical play host

Going back to our children’s play, we are delighted to say that the performance was staged by the students with wit and intelligence. The young talent managed to bring to life the topic given by the tutors.

Inside the auditorium the little spectators became acquainted with string instruments, they heard how the violin “cries”, how touching and emotional the cello can be in contrast with the giant double-bass, which is actually the largest (2 meters tall) and the deepest sounding string instrument. After that the public was presented with the brass instruments: flute, oboe, bassoon, trumpet and clarinet, which enchanted everyone with the variety and beauty of sound. The percussions followed, they certainly made the most impression on children. The loudness and sharpness of sound made children ecstatic!

The Maiboroda College of Music is one of the oldest arts colleges in Ukraine, dating from 1926, when the Professional Music School was founded; in 1930 it was relaunched as a Musical Vocational School. Since 1967 the College of Music has been located in the very city centre in a building which is famous for its roomy auditoriums, large and small concert halls and a decent library. The names of many alumni who went on to become high-class tutors, composers, musicians, are known not only in Ukraine but abroad as well.

The "Happy Child" Charity Foundation would like to express immense gratitude to:

Deputy Head of Practice – Natalya Aleksandrovna Levchenko.

We would also like to thank all the students of Maiboroda College of Music who made this thrilling play about a symphony orchestra happen.

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