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Limo Tour for Children: Dream or Reality?

August 1, 2012, 13:00 4012 Author: Yulia Akhtman, translated by Anna Oliynyk klubok.org.ua The ART-LIM Company, providing executive-class cars for rent in Zaporizhzhia, together with the Happy Child Foundation, made a present for children: an unforgettable tour in four luxurious and comfortable limos

The ART-LIM Company, providing executive-class cars for rent in Zaporizhzhia, together with the Happy Child Foundation, made a present for children: an unforgettable tour in four luxurious and comfortable limos. This dream-tour became a reality for the students of Zaporizhzhia Orphanage for Disabled Boys as well as children from Zaporizhzhia Regional Psychoneurological Sanatorium. Four VIP-class iron horses opened their doors to the children on June 21 and 26. On these days residents and visitors of our city had an opportunity to enjoy the view of the string of snow-white elite cars driving by, attracting the attention of passers-by who could admire their beauty and grace.

Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler C300, Lincoln Navigator, and 1930s Rolls Royce Retro were shining with elegance and glamour!

Getting inside those modern auto-carriages was something really special! Neon lights, leather seats, sunroof, climate control, mirror ceiling... the limo cabins were breathing with their expensiveness and luxury! The atmosphere of the tours was festive, and a drive through their native city this time was like a miraculous adventure for the children!

To make the tour more interesting, the children were offered excursions to the Children’s Railway Entertainment Center and Zaporizhzhia Sich Historic and Cultural Complex.

Children from the orphanage visited the Aquarium, the Terrarium, the Botanic Garden, and the Zoo. Fluffy bunnies, funny hoggies, scary bears, tropical amphibians and reptiles left nobody indifferent. Exotic nature always strikes visitors with its beauty and uniqueness!

At the Children’s Railway...

Some children were lucky enough to sit at the driver’s seat and, thus, feel they are the owners of those carriages of the XXI century. One couldn’t help but notice how those having tried themselves as limo drivers changed the expression on their faces. It seemed that even in the middle of the tour children could not really believe that it was all real and they were not daydreaming.

At the Khortytsya Island...

The children from Psychoneurological Sanatorium made an exciting journey to Zaporizhzhia Sich on the Island of Khortytsya. Here the group was met by Natalia Chergic, a Research Associate of the Museum, who told her young visitors a lot of great stories about Cossacks and their traditions.

On the territory of Zaporizhzhia Sich

A potter making a traditional pot

Even if someone is complaining, today life is much easier than it used to be…

More than seventy children had an opportunity to enjoy the limo tours in those two days. And of course they all got lots and lots of positive emotions and bright impressions. This will be a memorable days full of joy and light for all of them!

The Happy Child Foundation would like to say big thank you to:

Administration of the ART-LIM Company;

Maxim Ostapenko, Director General of the National Reserve Khortytsya;

Raisa Kozak, Head of the Children’s Railway;

Sergey Dudarenko, Head of Research Department at the National Reserve Khortytsya;

Natalia Chergic, Research Associate of Zaporizhzhia Sich Museum at the National Reserve Khortytsya.

Photos: Pavel Veselkov and Yulia Akhtman.

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