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A River Trip Around The Legendary Khortitsa Island

October 8, 2012, 10:00 3635 Author: Yulia Akhtman, translated by Daria Sukach klubok.org.ua Sixteen girls from the Kirovo Orphanage for girls with special needs enjoyed a lively trip by river bus around the legendary Khortitsa Island

On Saturday 4th of August sixteen girls from the Kirovo Orphanage for girls with special needs had a lively trip by river bus around the picturesque Khortitsa Island. The girls enjoyed fresh air, admired beautiful landscapes and shared their impressions with other about their unforgettable tour along the Dnieper River.

The sluice chamber during the water exhaust

On warm weekends the river bus starts its trips from Lenin Port and “Dubovaya Roschsha” (“The Oak Grove”) park. We chose the Lenin Port as the place of our departure since this way we could watch the water discharge from the sluice chamber, the lowering of our boat as well as its sailing through huge metallic gates. It is a really breathtaking view! The lowering process takes around half an hour.

The gates are opening…

It was interesting and thrilling to watch how the dropping water level left wet dark stripes on the sluice walls.

A view of a dam part of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station

During our exciting river tour the girls saw the bridges of B.N. Preobrazhensky, the lands of Khortitsa Island, the monument to the Soviet soldiers who forced a crossing over Dnieper, the automobile plant, the Belayi Islands, Kushukhum village, the Dnieper lands, and the Dubovaya Roschsha (“the Oak Grove”) park and many other beautiful places.

Our guide told us about the history of the Zaporizhzhia area, namely about the founding of the Alexandrovsk Fortress, the flourishing and fall of the Cossack Host. The girls also learnt about the construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station and the nature of the National Khortitsa Reserve.

The boat trip gave us a wonderful opportunity to admire the huge dam, birds flying above, high cliffs and a majestic landscape of the Khortitsa Island.

One of the Preobrazhensky bridges

There are some new bridges being constructed in Zaporizhzhia…

Our river trip along the Dnieper River ended at the “Zaporizhzhia” river station. This eventful day will always stay in the memories of the girls!

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