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Tania D. "Loving parents needed!"

January 17, 2013, 15:10 3803 Author: Victoria Mochalova, translated by Izabella Balakirsky www.deti.zp.ua Tania is still living in the orphanage. She needs heart surgery. Fortunately, the necessary amount of money to pay for surgery has already been collected. She needs a mom and a dad very much!

We had written about Tania on our website before - it's already been two years since we first started looking for loving parents for her. She is very sweet and loving. And recently, Tania's vocabulary expanded greatly, too. She loves studying, enjoys playing with other children, enjoys listening to children's poetry, dances, and can show on her fingers how old she is.

However, she still remains at the orphanage – Tania’s potential new parents were scared away by her health. And that is quite understandable. Tania needs heart surgery. The diagnosis for which she's been followed by a cardiac surgeon is a serious one: congenital heart defect (a defect and aneurysm of the ventricular septum). Tania has other medical problems too, but this one can definitely be treated. How? Surgical intervention is needed. The budget doesn't allow for such expenses - because medical treatment for the orphans is free of charge in our country...True, it is free, but to have surgery one needs to pay for the needed surgical supplies. Fortunately, the necessary sum of money has already been collected, but for medical reasons, the physicians decided to postpone surgery for a year.

To cure Tania from at least one of her illnesses, to solve at least one from a whole set of serious problems is quite possible. And perhaps then a family will agree to give their love to this sweet child.

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