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Trip to Bukovel

March 25, 2013, 14:40 2836 Author: Sergey Ovcharenko, translated by Iryna Koval blog.klubok.org.ua From 16th to 22nd of February 11 children from foster, large and rural families of the Zaporozhye region visited Bukovel ski resort

From 16th to 22nd of February eleven children from foster, large and rural families of the Zaporozhye region visited Bukovel ski resort. The majority of children had never been to Carpathians. That’s why the whole team was impatiently waiting for arriving to the terminal. The trip appeared to be long and we arrived to the center only by the end of the second day.

Next morning everybody was ready to conquer peaks, especially the boys. Three days of skiing flew like a flash. It was clear that children would like to stay minimum a week or even two more in Carpathians.

But although it was only a 3-days stay, all the children learned skiing, let not on a professional, but on a sufficient level.

But this trip wasn’t limited only by the ski resort. We also spent a day in Lvov. This old city made an unforgettable impression. Time and again children compared Lvov with Zaporozhye, and to my surprise, the victory in that struggle was granted not to the old Alexandrovsk (the former name of Zaporozhye).

By the end of the sixth day our train was rapidly moving to Zaporozhye. The whole group was tired by such a saturated program. For a second I felt sadness in the eyes of the children, as this week was like a fairy tale, from which they have to return back to reality. But warm embraces of parents at the railway station, perhaps weakened these feelings and everybody went home in a happy mood.

This trip would not be so fascinating without the help of some kind people.

First of all I would like to thank the Bukovel administration, who provided free admission to lifts and ski equipment.

We are also grateful to “Karitas Spes” organization for the hospitable and warm welcome.

Winter season has come to an end. Now spring mountain Crimea is waiting for us. We are planning to conduct camping trips. The nearest will be arranged during school holidays. Follow the news.


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