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Impressions from the Trip to the Carpathians

June 6, 2014, 11:30 2437 Author: Olya Kurtseva, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua Our trip to the Carpathians started on May 9. Twenty nine travelers had a chance to go up to the Zvenivsky range, Rosohatska meadow and enjoy the wonderful views

How many beautiful locations and picturesque views does our motherland Ukraine present to us? A great many of them… Each of those locations is worth visiting and seeing with your own eyes. We also had a chance to fall in love with one of those places – the Carpathian Mountains.

Our trip started on May 9, when a group of 29 began our way to Lviv (9 children from Chernihivsky district, 17 from the city of Zaporozhzhye and 3 adult supervisors). The long way was tiring enough but we were all looking forward to seeing something new and beautiful.

For four days, we stayed in a hotel of active & creative camp, Edelweiss, in the village of Oryavchyk. Many educational entertainments were waiting for us: our morning started from cheerful morning exercises and jogging, and then we went to the mountains. We managed to conquer the Zvenivsky range and the Rosohatska meadow, located at the height of 1,461 meters. To get that high we had to walk 30 kilometers. And all I have to tell you is that it was worth it. Picturesque views, variety of herbs and natural beauties… Every day each of us had a chance to discover something new and unknown. We played tennis, darts, learned the art of archery, rode bikes, and the children who have never had such experiences before were excited to try new activities. Our Chernihivska group showed that it was the fastest, the liveliest and the most responsible. We had a chance to meet new people, experience many positive emotions and have a lot of fun.

We would like to say a big thank you: to the children’s tourist Klubok club for the perfect organization of this trip, to Anton Bondarenko for his capacity to introduce children to the beauties of the Carpathian Mountains and for his patience and also to the hospitable residents of the village of Oryavchyk, the cooks who prepared delicious meals for us and to the organizer of the trip in Chernihivsky district, Olga Stavitska.

And we would also like to underline that we are ruining stereotypes, we should not think that anyone will treat us unfairly in the Western part of our country. It is not true. People there are nice, friendly and helpful. We need to remember: we are united, Ukraine is united. Somehow, we are all used to dividing our country into east and west, into two different worlds, but it is not right. We are united. We are Ukrainians and it does not matter what language we speak. Ukrainian spirit is in our blood and we are able to overcome any difficulties we may face, but only all together!

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