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Danil Sukhonos Urgently Needs Help!

March 17, 2015, 12:30 3964 Author: Eugenia Boiko, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua Danil and his mother traveled a long way, overcoming all the challenges together. Danil dreams to come back home with his main victory – victory of life over death!

Сухонос Данила

Danil is receiving therapy in Moscow

Diagnosis: portal hypertension.

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Danil and his mother traveled a long way, overcoming all the challenges together.

We would like to remind you that we were able to raise the necessary sum of money for Danil’s surgery thanks to the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace. Besides, many people made their donations and we raised enough funds to pay for the surgery and the treatment up to now. Unfortunately, certain complications arose in the course of rehabilitation — a blood clot was formed. The boy had to stay at the hospital longer than it was initially planned. The family has got no money, and this is what Danil’s mother told us:

“I have been talking to his attending doctor. He told that they were going to treat him up to Friday and then, if there are no more payments, he will be discharged from the hospital. I asked him how long we will need to stay here and he responded that he cannot tell me for sure as this process is not the same for everyone: for someone it takes 10 days to liquidate the shunt and for someone it may take up to one month, so he couldn’t tell me exactly. The daily fee is RUB 3,000 (37 US dollars) + RUB 1,500 (18 US dollars) for one coagulogram test, and he usually has to take this test two or even three times a day to constantly monitor blood coagulability + now he will pass ultrasound scan not every day as it used to be but once every two or three days and then, before he is released, he will also need a gastroscopy. So you see that only this test and treatment, not taking into account ultrasound etc., will cost about RUB 6,000 – 7,000 (75-88 US dollars) and no one knows how many more days we will need.

Сухонос Данила

We are going to another ultrasound on Friday, and the doctor will tell us how many more days of treatment the boy needs, and then the procedure will be repeated unless the doctor can see that everything works properly. But if there are no payments, they will not be able to continue the therapy and will have to release Danil no matter what his state is. I don’t know what to do, the doctor said that if we do not complete the treatment all the procedures that have already been performed will be in vain, another blood clot will form and then we will have to repeat the surgery. I have no money left, not even to cover our trip back home”, - writes Danil’s mother.

Dear friends, we already joined our efforts and made a miracle happen – we raised the necessary sum of money just in one month. Danil’s little sister Eva is waiting for her brother and mother at home. Let’s do all we can for those children to be together… For Danil, who dreams to become a boxer like Vitaly Klitchko, to come back home with his main victory — victory of life over death.

Сухонос Данила

According to the doctors, the preliminary amount to be raised is UAH 25,000 – 943 US dollars (that is the minimum amount provided that the shunt will be liquidated in 10 days and there will be no complications)

Please help to save Danil’s life!

The family lives in the city of Volnyansk.

Contact telephone of Danil’s mother Yanina +38 066 607 36 94, +38 068 498 76 06 (currently Danil and his mother are in Moscow and you can contact Yanina by phone +7 966 005 14 72).

To get additional information, you can also contact staff of the Happy Child Foundation.

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