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Deadly dangerous money deficit

December 7, 2015, 17:30 1603 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Iryna Koval deti.zp.ua For the chemotherapy passing Kolya Baiborodin needs expensive medicines. We need to gather 1600 US dollars before 14.12.15

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My son Kolya is 11 years old now, he studies (rather studied before the illness) in the 5th form. He was extremely active and positive, clever and curious; he took part in many competitions and won prize places. He liked to study, especially mathematics and English.

But in November 2014 the trouble occurred. The son’s tooth became loose and we applied to the Central Regional Hospital of Orekhov town to a stomatologist, where the doctor decided to pull it out. Within a week after pulling out the gum wasn’t healing up and was bleeding. After a week we applied to the same doctor once again, I was told that everything was good, and there was nothing to worry about.

After the New Year, in January 2015, the son’s another tooth became loose and we went to the Central Regional Hospital of Orekhov town again. This time another stomatologist received us, and urgently sent us to the 5th hospital of Zaporozhye city. From there we were sent to the children’s regional hospital.

In Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital a dental surgeon examined us and said, that an oncologist’s consultation was needed. On the 9th of January was that most terrible day, when the oncologist examined us and sent for the tomography, then the biopsy was made.

The earth swam away from under my feet, when I heard the son’s diagnosis embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma - CANCER.

The life of our family was divided for “before” and “after”. Together with the information, that my child was seriously ill, the perception, that I was alone to struggle, came, because the father left us long time ago, he knows about the son’s illness, but he didn’t want to participate in the struggle for his health, neither financially, nor morally. I have to live on two fronts, in the house, where there is a little daughter, and in the hospital, where the ill son is.

Kolya passed treatment in the oncology department of Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital. He was subjected to 4 courses of the severe chemotherapy. After one of the courses he barely got over with the God’s help. Great “falls” in the blood analyses, legs complications, vomiting, temperatures about 400, which couldn’t be forced down, and lots of painful stimulators. All of this my child stood with courage. At that time he lost 18 kg of weight within 4 months!

After the chemotherapy Kolya was directed to the Cancer Institute, where they couldn’t confirm the diagnosis, as well as couldn’t determine the exact one. Afterwards together with Kolya we went to maxillofacial surgeons, but the thing we heard from them put us into a bigger shock: they suggested the excision of a half of the child’s face, not even giving a chance for living after such a fundamental surgical intervention.

We have sent documents to the world’s clinics, which specialize in this field and received the invitation from Turkish clinic “Neolife” (Istanbul). With great difficulty, helped a little from many people, due to the responsive, kind people and foreign funds we paid the treatment in the clinic. Kolya passed the examination course and a course of high-quality radio-therapy on the linear accelerator. Turkish doctors give good chances for my son’s living. But in order to fix the result of the radio-therapy, conducted in Istanbul, it is necessary to follow the treatment protocol, which was given to us together with the case record.

In the middle of December, namely from the 14th we should start chemotherapy in Ukraine, but the medicines cost tremendous money. One chemotherapy course costs 40 000 grivna. We should pass 3 of them.

In February we have to go to Turkey again for the examination, which also needs big expenses… I just don’t know where to take money for the son’s life-saving. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t have the right to give up.

Kind people, I bag on my knees, please help to save my son’s life! Let him return to a normal child’s life, forget this nightmare, realize his dream to help all the sick children when he grows up, become a support for the mother and younger sister. He wants to live, and told everybody that he won’t give up! And I can’t betray him, that’s why I appeal to You for help. Beforehand I’m grateful to those, whose heart was touched by the non-child hard destiny of my child.

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