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Short survey: the best and the worst moments in an Ukrainian orphan's life

December 4, 2006, 0:00 3511 Author: Translated from Russian by Yulia Mirnaya for www.deti.zp.ua www.deti.zp.ua/eng

In December 2005 we conducted a survey amongst orphans from the Zaporozhye State Orphanage #3 asking them to recall the best and the worst moments in their life as an orphan.

10 children ( 4 girls and 6 boys from 9-15 years old) have provided us with their answers:

The best moments:

- When we went to Crimeria for the seminar and lived in a tent in Berdiansk

- My 12th Birthday

- When I was re-allocated to the institutional school, but instead I went " home"

- I like it when somebody wants to be friends with me

- When I went home for a holiday

- I loved meeting my friend Yura as well as others and that I went to Italy

- I like it when I am in Church

- The best day in my life is when I was at home

- The best thing in life is when I get help from God and kind people

- When I was in Italy, when we went to the Christmas ball, when my brother and sister were with me in the Berdiansk's Orphanage

The worst moments:

- The worst day in my life is in the orphanage where other children hit me

- I do not like to be in the orphanage

- I do not like it when other children and adults call me names

- I do not like the orphanage

- I am fed up with my life because people call me names

- I do not like it when my parents are drunk

- The worst thing in life is when there is no one to help me in my circumstances

- When others pick on me because I am drunk.

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