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Sasha Ostrovsky, born in 2008 - Cerebral palsy, sensorineural hearing loss 2-3 degrees

June 15, 2020, 18:20 784 Author: Natalya Moroz Fundraising is suspended for the duration of the war, but we will definitely continue it after the victory!

Sasha Ostrovsky, born in 06.07.2008

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, sensorineural hearing loss 2-3 degrees.

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ATTENTION! AS OF 04/02/2022: Fundraising is suspended for the duration of the war, but we will definitely continue it after the victory!

Sasha was born in the summer. Apparently, that's why he got such a warm sunny smile and glowing eyes. For 12 years now, this openness has helped him to be "one of his own" among boys and girls.

Our hero was born seven months old. Everything would be fine, but the planned vaccination gave complications - and until the age of three he did not walk at all. They say about such people: “with developmental features”. And doctors write briefly and categorically: "ICP and sensorineural deafness."

We have known Sasha since 2013, when his mother Svetlana applied for financial support. Then their marathon called “Rehabilitation. The course is for survival! just started. And today our guy has 15 rehabilitation courses at the Kozyavkin clinic in Truskavets and 7 courses at the Loguar Institute for the Restoration and Development of Speech in Odessa. Each trip is a new achievement. Each completed course is a constant growth of opportunities and improvement of the body. Like a new rocky hook on the way to a personal peak.

Once deaf and almost dumb, today Sasha is a great reader! Books read day after day help to increase vocabulary, and classes with a speech therapist allow you to control the correct pronunciation.

We are proud that, together with thousands of caring people, we have become involved in the achievements of our ward. But Sasha's path to a full-fledged adult life continues: the completed courses are not enough, and each subsequent one requires financial support.

The next rehabilitation costing $1940 is scheduled for April 2022. Let's become magicians again and make Sasha's dream come true - we will give the opportunity to communicate with the outside world! He has so much to tell everyone!

In April, rehabilitation is to take place at the Odessa center for the development of speech "Loguar", costing 1 940 USD. You can also support the project «I want to sing along to the birds! 5», who started at «UBB» in January 2022, in order to raise funds for the rehabilitation of Sasha.

The family lives in Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region.

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