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The photo made famous Andrey from Zaporozhye. This boy is a cancer survivor

August 18, 2008, 0:00 4036 Author: By Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua The photo where 11 years old boy from Zaporozhye was pictured went around all over the world. The boy had a cancer, but now he is in good health and plays football. The journalists of the newspaper "Subbota+" found this famous teenager.

The dreadful disease is not any more.

It was the February 2005 when Andrew Zubenko went home from the school and fractured his leg. Elizabeth, Andrew's mother, knew some awful thing - her son had the sarcoma of the thigh. Andrew was send to the institute of the oncology in Kiev. He spent there a year: cancerous growth was extracted, prosthetic device was set... and the boy was saved from his dreadful disease. Andrew was discharged from hospital in April 2008. Just at that time he was photographed by Damir Sagoliv. The photographer made this shoot specially for one of the first-rate inform agency Reuters and he devoted it to the twenty-year anniversary of Chernobil. Gleb, the photographer of inform agency, told us that Reuters received the thousands photos every day. The agency sums up at the end of the year and makes photo exhibition. There are near fifty photos now. But not only picture is appreciated. Photos are appreciated for their vital subject. Chernobil is one of them and Andrew's photo too.

Andrew will be extreme guy!

In spite of such thing that Andrew's photo goes a round all over the world he and his mother don't remember when this photo was made. Now Andrew is undergoing a course of medical treatment in the Zaporozhye tuberculosis health centre. The boy told us that he had a lot of friends at the institute of the oncology in Kiev where he spent a year. But he doesn't know that lots of them died. They count manage with their disease. Andrew shares his dreams with us: "I want to have the sport bicycle. When I would be grown-up I'll be an extreme guy. I'll do different tricks. I like geography and history. These subjects will be useful in future". Lisa, Andrew's mother, has only one wish: " I want my son and I have any problems with the health. Everything that we felt keenly is requital. It was enough".

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