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Sensor for the ulstrasound device is broken in Zaporozhye regional children's hospital

November 11, 2009, 6:00 6096 Author: Inna Grigorieva (translated into English by Elena Puhovskaja) Happy Child fund The efficient therapy of hundreds of babies in Zaporozhhye region depends on sensor availability. The cost of new sensor is 4 800 Euro and it should be purchased as soon as possible

Detector, which costs almost $7500, bought with combined efforts of foundations and usual citizens has become a long-awaited New Year surprise for Department of neonatal resuscitation of Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital

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The text of the old appeal:


The portable ultrasonic scanning device Medison Sonoace is essential auxiliary for Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital (ZRCCH) resuscitation specialists: it makes possible the direct examination of premature hypotrophic babies who are raised at Neonatal Resuscitation Department; in fact, high quality diagnostics, opportune detection of different maladies and pathologies are important components for successful treatment of diseases.

By means of ultrasonic scanning device blood flow in the baby’s brain vessel and abdominal cavity arteries blood flow were measured, valvular defects of newborns with extreme low body weight were diagnosed and a lot of other viscera pathologies were revealed.

Due to device portability it was possible to examine infirm children at cardiological and onco-hematologic departments of ZRCCH.

However, a month ago some problems began: the microconvex sensor was broken. A new sensor can be ordered in Europe and its price is 4 800 Euro. According to Manager of Neonatal Resuscitation Department Ivan Anikin, at present the Hospital does not have money to purchase this device.

Thus, DOCTORS HAVE GREAT DIFFICULTIES WITH DIAGNOSTICS FOR LOTS OF THE MOST INFIRM PATIENTS at Children’s Regional Hospital. In specific cases lack of diagnostic information (e.g., information about valvular defect) may bring the patient to death during the operation or pharmacotherapy.

We hope that ordinary people, businessmen, state bodies will promptly respond to doctors’ request and the ultrasonic scanning device will be equipped with new sensor as soon as possible.

Telephone number of Neonatal Resuscitation Department +3 8 061 764-17-92 (contact person: Ivan Alexandrovich)

You can transfer your donation for sensor purchase on the account of the “Happy Child” Foundation

Before money transfer please, contact to the foundation officers: Albert Pavlov +3 8 066 513 34 35, detizp@mail.ru or Inna Grigorieva +38 095 448 55 32, i_grig@ukr.net.

Ways of transferring donations (transfers from abroad, PayPal, etc).

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