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How splendid the Crimean autumn is…

November 16, 2009, 6:00 6810 Author: Albert Pavlov (translated into English by Elena Puhovskaja) Happy Child fund The last in 2009 hike in Crimea with orphans has been finished. Children covered more than 60 km, climbed up 1300 m high and visited caves of Karabi- Yaily. Impressions about the campaign are still bright in our memory but we are making new plans for the next year

Autumn in the Tirke-Yaily hill forest

The last in 2009 hike of the orphans round the Crimean mountains took place on October 26-30.

10 children from the boarding school (orphanage) No3 (Zaporozhye) who haven’t ever participate in such actions and also, a group of 12 adopted children from Dniepropetrovsk region, covered 60 km and routed Angarsk Bridgewall - North Demergi mountain (1359 meters above the sea level) - MAN caves - Tirke-Yaila – Karabi Yaila – Privetnoye (beach).

In spite of the end of October the weather during five days pleased young hikers. During the first days of the hike on the height of more than one kilometer it was so warm that some were walking in their T-shirts. Of course, in the night they had to put on all available warm cloths and do-up tightly their sleeping-bags.

Overcoming physical hardships and getting used to the realities of camp life children reached the beach of Privetnoye urban-village. Somebody of them even took the risk to bathe – after all, the temperature in the Black see was 17 degrees! (warmer than at the beginning of June!)

Officers of “Happy Child” Foundation highly appreciate all contributors’ and volunteers’ activities due to which we managed to organize six hikes round mountain Crimea for Zaporozhye orphans in 2009 and to participate in the festival “Eco Sich” on the Khortitza Island (most of these trips have reports on Russian). About 100 children from Volniansk, Chernigovka orphanages and orphanage No3 of Zaporozhye took part in these actions. Children gained the real life impressions, overcame a lot of difficulties, tested themselves and friends. Undoubtedly, children will remember these hikes forever, and many of them having got a family will recollect in their memory hiking summer 2009 and teach their children how to have an active rest.

Just now we are planning the walking-tour season actions for 2010. We are sure: having made efforts in this activity we could make a present of a real adventure for not less than 100 kids from orphanages’ of Zaporozhye region.

Khortitza Island, Crimea, Carpathian Mountains and, perhaps, the Caucasus, are waiting for us!

Join us now!

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Yours faithfully,

Albert Pavlov

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