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† Rouslan Soroka has left us

February 4, 2010, 14:00 3740 Author: Grigorjeva Inna(translated into English by Viola Tarasova) deti.zp.ua A leucosis relapse has occured to Ruslan Soroka. Doctors did their best to save the life of the child, but the illness was more strong... On February, 1st, 2010 Ruslan has died

Looking in laughing eyes of this little boy it is difficult to believe, that he is not with us now. He so struggled with illness, so tried, but all the same it was an unequal fight. The small organism of Rouslan has not managed and has given up. The child had a hypostasis of the internal organs, analyses of blood had sharply fallen and on February, 1st, 2010 the boy left this world.

Many people - the doctors from the reanimate, heamatologists, parents and the strangers who responded to a call for help and handed over blood for Rouslan, struggled for a life of the child. We thank all people who helped the boy to struggle for a life, you have made everything possible for it.

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