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February 4, 2016, 18:30 2029 Author: Svetlana Lazareva, translated by Andrei Vernon deti.zp.ua Without an operation – Olya will not survive. We need to collect money for her treatment as soon as possible.

One step. Another step. A wave of the arms.


The hearts beats in a rhythm.

This is her dance.

She just turned 17 years old.

Her body whirled in a waltz.

Her hair has sung ballads.

The brush in her hand has painted sunrises.

Now she dances on her own.

Her stage – a hospital bed.

Together the ramps go between her skin.

The operation lights blink.

Its accompaniment – throbbing veins due to the IV drip.

Its string – trembling fingers in her mother’s hand.

Along with the song – her mother’s whispers, so that she does not cry.

Flowers for her performance – vials of drugs.

Price of performance – life.

This is a dance with death.

There is only one path.

And this dance will happen again.

Whoever has the most strength.

Whoever has the most strength.

Her or the illness?

Who will have the most reposts?

Her life or death?

She spins in her dance.

Her last name – Kruzhilina.

What a coincidence.

Her name is Olya.

This is her talent show.

Her dance with death.

We are her jury.

Today you are more important

than any other judge.

Vote for Olya’s life.

Press the button

and make a donation.

Nikolai Kolodyazhin, Projekt - Manager of Happy Child Foundation

At the beginning of the New Year Olya and her family were filled with hope that she would finally be healthy. Unfortunately, the tests arrived in January and did not bring any good news – Olya had begun to relapse. They understood from that moment on she would be fighting again.

Belarusian doctors gave her a chance at saving her life. In order to treat Olya, we need about 200,000 USD. The money is needed for her chemotherapy treatments and bone marrow transplant. The survival rate after the prescribed set of treatments is 80%. Without this operation, Olya will not survive. The sooner we collect money, the better chance Olya has at life. You can donate money to Olya’s treatment by whichever method suits you best.

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