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Campaign “More than a Tourist” for Children from Zaporozhye!

February 20, 2016, 22:24 2018 Author: Olesya Kulakova, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua The season of hiking trips and tent camps for Zaporozhye children will last from March to October 2016. With your support, our Klubok tourist club will be able to turn those plans into a reality!

We would like to say a big thank you for your support of the "Klubok" tourist club. With your help, orphans, children from large and low-income families had an opportunity to take part in various activities held by our club – hiking tours, camps, and excursions.

In December 2015, our Klubok tourist celebrated its tenth anniversary! In those ten years, hundreds of children participated in our activities. Our previous experience showed how important such events are for children. They bring not only unforgettable impressions, but also joy from overcoming challenges and conquering new summits which used to seem inaccessible. They also give a chance to interact with friends in a new, unordinary atmosphere. They bring understanding of what “team work” means, where the success of the whole team depends on every member.

Now we are planning several hiking trips to the Carpathians and in Zaporozhye region Besides, we will organize tent camps “Children’s village”, “Amazing Khortitsa Island” and Azov Sea.

We are already getting ready for the upcoming trips and summer camps! So we are happy to announce a campaign “More than a Tourist”. Join us!

We will be thankful for your help in organizing those activities. For example, you can bring to our office a pack of cereals, rice, pasta, canned meat, tea, sugar, sunflower-seed oil or other food products to organize meals for children during our trips.

Besides, we would be thankful for:

- all types of balls; badminton set; flying discs (frisbee); tableware (knives, spoons, plates, graters), because when living in camps, all those things are fast to get broken or lost; tourist equipment (tents, sleeping bags, mats, kayaks and boats).

If you are far away, you can make a donation to support our project.

For those activities to make best memories for the children, we will need support of volunteers.

If you are:

- a joyful, active and honest person getting well with children;

- ready to become a “leader” and a “guide” for seven children (boys and girls will be split into groups of seven people);

- able to keep children interested and teach them something useful (playing musical instruments, making handcrafted items of natural materials; art of survival; business/time management/public speaking games/trainings; journalism; photo art; martial arts; meditation; construction using natural materials (cane, straw, wood, air-dried brick); first aid and other useful skills);

- able to make children believe that the world is a good place and we can make it even better;

- not afraid of physical exercise and outside the city;

- ready to work in a team,

then you would be a perfect candidate for our project!

Remember that you don’t have to be a superhero to join us, we will be happy to see just ordinary people who love children joining our team. All volunteers will get meals, tea and places to sleep in tents, and after completion of the project – the main awards will include smiles of the happy children and memories for the rest of your lives!

We will be glad to answer any questions you might have: +38 068 635 86 65, 063 498 70 50 (Olesya) or info@klubok.org.ua.

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Tymofii Lapkov

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