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Misha Syagalyuk, 7 years old - Malignant poorly differentiated tumor

October 17, 2016, 18:00 2330 Author: Olga Vovk, translated to English by Anderson deti.zp.ua Fundraising is closed! We express our sincere thanks to all our helpers, especially Yuri and Marina for a significant contribution to the further treatment Bears. Now he will be able to receive the necessary treatment in Germany.

Misha Syagalyuk, 23.02.2010 born

Diagnosis: Malignant poorly differentiated tumor.

News about the treatment of Mikhail Syagalyuk

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We express our sincere thanks to all our helpers, especially Yuri and Marina for a significant contribution to the further treatment Bears. Now he will be able to receive the necessary treatment in Germany


Misha - a cheerful, energetic, active, kind, cheerful boy. At one time he went to kindergarten and music school, class of flute. Misha talented child, he now likes to sing and dance. Special health problems he did not know until one unfortunate evening. One day, October 28, 2015, he began to complain of pain in the chest, until the morning deteriorated and the ambulance the child was taken to the fracture clinic Regional Children's Hospital. It examined, X-rayed, and said: "The baby is not nothing serious, banal nerve entrapment, have a drink analgesic, lie down, - everything goes."

Misha continued his old way of life, but from time to time appeared paroxysmal pain in the back and legs, and lower back. Changed posture - back became unnaturally flat, what was not possible not to pay attention. Additionally, consulted a neurologist, who said that "the consequences of infringement of the nerve, have a drink vitamins." Within 3 weeks we grew pain, became more and more prolonged. Educator in kindergarten noticed that the child was unnaturally quiet and listless, distracted and inattentive. Misha appetite. When the temperature rose, and there were pains in the stomach, local pediatrician diagnosed SARS. Mom, do not agree with the diagnosis, the baby decided to show the surgeon, he saw the child and shot a month ago, sent them to hospital emergency 5th children's hospital with a suspected tumor mass in the abdomen.

Misha condition worsened by the day. They were assigned to survey. On the first CT scan was found to the destruction of the spine for unclear reasons. Suspected and gradually expelled, after many examinations: bone tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, gistotsitoz, Calvet's disease, osteosarcoma and neuroblastoma ... Bone marrow by puncture was clean. After consulting professor Shchekina, vertical load was banned child, he could only lie down. On 19 December, it was decided to transfer to the regional hospital for further examination, and then send Bears in Kiev.

The regional hospital canceled the previously designated hormone treatment and his condition rapidly deteriorated. Misha was tormented by constant pain, he stopped sleeping. Once on a gurney in a prone position by plane, accompanied by resuscitation team the child was taken to hospital OHMATDIT Kiev.

Again, CT, MRI, X-rays and Concilia experts on which multiple lesions of the skull bones were set, hips, pelvis, have been destroyed 7 vertebrae. All this has forced doctors to open an urgent bone biopsy. The pain was so strong that the morphine was appointed hour.

As a result of the biopsy Mishenka to question the diagnosis 4.

January 15, Misha was transferred to the National Cancer Institute. In the research the child was taken to a terrible condition, completely immobile, bedridden with pain that not even a shot of morphine. Oncology has been confirmed by the 4th stage of the malignancy with metastases in the bone marrow.

Total for 1 month disease has reached a critical point ... The time was irretrievably lost, for negligence, incompetence or other reasons ...

Mishka today held 8 blocks of chemotherapy. Treatment has given excellent results. After 1 Chemistry Misha began to rise, sit down. After the 2nd unit started trying, with the help of my mother to go and confidently sit down, though not for long. Gradually disappeared pain, sleep began to return, and interest in life. After the 2nd and 5th blocks were CT, and it was evident positive dynamics of bone reconstruction and vertebrae. Bone marrow Bears cleansed of metastasis, which allowed to collect the stem cells, and now it can be for himself a donor for bone marrow autotransplantation.

Now Michael can walk and even run, the truth gets tired quickly.

He held diagnostic testing MIBG-scan which identified the accumulation of cancer cells in the left femoral neck, right thigh and left knee.

Then passed block high-dose chemotherapy followed by autologous bone marrow.

Again MIBG-scanning in Italy, which revealed new lesions place - right shoulder, and neck still left thigh, right thigh.

According to the study, Italian doctors strongly recommend to pass the necessary Mishenka of MIBG treatment - therapy, duration of 6 - 8 months.

Ukrainian doctors confirm the necessity of the treatment, as the only possible way to achieve remission, but this procedure is not carried out in Ukraine.

Treatment is expensive, it was originally announced amount of EUR 50 000, but with the help of volunteers in Italy, this amount was reduced to 10 000 euro. Treatment should start to now, there is no time to pack, and the required amount for the treatment as well. It is important to start treatment right now, so as not to lose the already achieved results.

Friends, we are in the shortest time necessary to collect for the Misha 10 000 USD - this is the price of his later life.

The family lives in the city of Zaporozhye.

Olga Phone: +38 (099) 48 98 897 (mom)

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