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Struggle for life ahead!

January 25, 2020, 19:20 976 Author: Natalya Moroz, translated by Konon Pankratovich www.deti.zp.ua Fundraising is closed due to the death of a child! Inna has finished her earthly journey. Sincere condolences to family.

Inna celebrated her 17th birthday having fever, low blood pressure, and rapid pulse, but at home with her near and dear ones. We have no doubt that one wish sounded on this day: Health!

For 2.5 years, the Dragun family has rallied together like never before! They are conscious of the value of each day lived! The support of friends and random people helps Inna to believe, hope, and go on dreaming. During her illness, Inna’s body underwent surgery, two immunotherapeutic procedures, and five chemotherapies.

Immediately after the last round of chemo, Inna felt pretty good and was discharged from hospital. She connected with her dream to become a cook by attending a workshop on cooking Georgian cheese-pie (khachapuri), organized by Happy Child Foundation in conjunction with the Georgian-cuisine coffeehouse Stumari

At home, the chemo aftermath struck: ten days of chemotherapy-induced toxicity and 10 kg of weight loss. She had to return urgently to the care of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Children's Hospital. Intravenous infusions, blood transfusions, and the support of the department staff greatly improved Inna’s condition. But after examination by specialists, it was decided that treatment should continue only with immunotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs kill the tumor, but also destroy vital organs. This led to pulmonary edema and severe pain.

Valentina Dragun wrote: “Morale was flagging, both for me and my daughter Inna. But nothing lasts forever. I just prayed because I did not see another way out; there was hope only in God. After IVs, lots of drugs, and two blood and plasma transfusions, her condition seemed to improve - but not for long. Fluid that accumulated in her lungs had to be pumped out; then pain and coughing followed. And then came the second round!

I realized that we were mentally exhausted as never before! It should be noted that in those days we were cared for by the medical staff of the ward. Many thanks to Sergey Mikhailovich Zaitsev! Now my girl is recovering after chemotherapy. I thank also her classmates, their parents, and the teachers for their efforts and assistance, and my elder daughter who always supports us. We are grateful to everyone who helped us and continues to support us! Our friendly family feels your strength, which does not allow us to surrender in the struggle for the life of Inna!”

To continue the difficult struggle against the cancer, more donations are needed for immunotherapy and examinations costing about $4,100 USD (?100,000 UAH)! Therefore, we gratefully accept any financial assistance.

Support our Inna! Her faith and hope after each ordeal depends only on your participation!

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