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Miroslava Svetlichnaya, born 2011 - Right-sided deafness V degree

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Miroslava Svetlichnaya

Miroslava Svetlichnaya, born 27.12.2011

Diagnosis: Right-sided deafness V degree

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Miroslava and Dima are twins. They never had a dad, and a year and a half ago, mom passed away. But they have a wonderful grandmother and an older sister.

The babies were born prematurely, with a weight of only one and a half kilograms. Both are visually impaired. And recently, relatives began to notice that Miroslava kept asking again. During the examination, it turned out that the right ear practically does not hear. There, in the hearing center, the girl was put on a hearing aid - and for the first time in her eight years, Mira heard with both ears! Our fidget suddenly became silent, listening with surprise to the unusual surrounding sounds.

Miroslava and Dima Svetlichny

Miroslava is grandmother's main au pair. And when everything is done in the house, she loves to walk with her brother on the playground. This is where you can give free rein to your active temperament! Studying in a boarding school for visually impaired children is not easy for everyone. And because of hearing problems, Mira is even harder than her classmates. So the girl needs a hearing aid “for yesterday”.

Miroslava and Dima Svetlichny

The grandmother has no one except her grandchildren. Having issued custody of them after the death of her daughter, she had to look for additional earnings, despite the retirement age. The news of Mira's deafness plunged her into shock, and the bill for 85,000 hryvnia for a hearing aid was in general despair. It is unlikely that it will be possible to save money on the device. According to the attending physician, the world needs this very model - sensitive and modern - in order to preserve the auditory nerve and hear at least some sounds. If you leave everything as it is, the nerve can atrophy in a few years.

Mira has lost so much in her eight years! Let's protect her from another loss - hearing loss.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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