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Danil Sirota

May 21, 2013, 13:20 287 Author: Vakulinskaya Alina deti.zp.ua Oksana Sirota shares news about the treatment of her son Danil. Treatment at the Center for Corrective Surgery Munich gives good results, but it is expensive. The family really needs our support.

Danil Sirota, born on 13/04/2003

Diagnosis: Sarcoma of the left thigh.

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The Sirota family has experienced a shock in March. No one could've predicted that pains in the leg are cancerous...

Danil was growing up a sociable and a very curious chap. No family event took place without his participation, and no book with attractive pictures would go unnoticed by him, Danil loves reading. His relatives call him 'energizer'. Danil was always excited to attend football and other sporting events, but since March the illness has taken its toll on him.

When in February Danil complained of the severe pain in his leg that wouldn’t subside for weeks, the family asked for medical help. Once the test results came back, Danil was first referred to the Cancer Unit at the Zaporozhye Regional Children’s Hospital, and then to the National Cancer Institute in Kiev. Back then no one realized what an ordeal would await this family. No one knew it was just the beginning of the battle for the elder son...

Danil’s grandmother tells me: “On arrival to the Cancer Institute we were referred for repeat tests resulting in a “verdict” of osteosarcoma of the left thigh! Danil was hospitalized to the shared room and our boy has started undergoing his treatment”.

Danil has endured three rounds of chemotherapy. Plenty of tears were shed and efforts contributed but the end is not in sight and the treatment continues. There are 15(!) chemotherapy courses to go in total - six before the operation to remove a tumour and 12 afterwards.

Danil with his younger sister

One block of chemotherapy costs around UAH 3,000 (375 US dollars). The hospital has no drugs that we need and it’s hard to get hold of them, Danil’s father, Alexey, is acquiring them in pharmacies all over Ukraine.

We have to come together and help this family. Every month Alexey and his wife Oxana spend UAH 6,000 (750 US dollars) on:

- Danil’s chemotherapy;

- accommodation in Kiev;

- treatment of the younger daughter (diagnosed with congenital renal dysplasia).

"Right now aged 10 and 5’’ tall my son only weighs 33 kg (73 pounds). He is weak, I always stay by his side because he’s even struggling to turn, as he has no energy. I am asking you to help our family if you can. We will pray for all the children and for each and every one of you", - Alexey has asked us over the phone…

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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