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Polinka's successes and summer plans

May 22, 2021, 8:01 188 Author: Natalia Moroz Polina Braytsary's parents are asking for support to pay for a rehabilitation course in Truskavets.

Polinka's successes and summer plans


Polina Braytsara – great fellow! Finishes 2nd grade. He is doing well in mathematics and English. This year the girl was invited to the inclusive center at school # 61. There is a psychologist, speech therapist, defectologist. Paul is especially fond of music lessons.

Physical rehabilitation is not yet as good as we would like it to be. Paulie has an 89-degree curvature of the spine. As the girl grows, she periodically needs to change her corset. Unfortunately, the new one, made with the help of computer technology in Kharkov, did not fit. I had to remodel it in Zaporozhye using plastering. And this procedure is not for weaklings! The whole body is wrapped with wet plaster bandages, they wait until the corset hardens, and then they cut it off. Then a plastic corset will be made in this shape to fix the spine. But besides the corset, well-developed own muscles are also needed for support! That is why Polina needs rehabilitation. In the meantime, our Fields is studying at home: she squats with her mother and learns to throw and catch the ball.

The rehabilitation course at the Kozyavkin International Center begins on June 14, 2021. To help the family and pay for the entire course, today the fund lacks a little more than 180 dollars. We are confident that with your help, this amount will be collected before the start of rehabilitation.

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