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Happy birthday, Happy child!

May 24, 2021, 13:50 272 Author: Leonid Lobanok Thank you for trusting us from year to year!

Winner of the regional competition Charitable Zaporizhzhia-2020

We had two events at once. And both were pleasant!

On May 16 we turned 14 years old. Yes, we have been changing the world for the better for 14 years already! On this occasion, we even decided to rename into the Happy Teenager. But then we changed our mind. We really want to stay a child!

And a few days later we became the winner of the regional competition "Charitable Zaporizhzhia-2020" in the nomination "Regional charity". Such is the birthday present.

Winner of the regional competition Charitable Zaporizhzhia-2020

We would like to thank the organizing committee of the National Competition "Charitable Ukraine" and the organizers of the regional competition, Charity Fund "Caritas Zaporizhzhia". Friends, thank you for the inspiration and motivation that you give to all participants every year!

We congratulate all the laureates of the competition with our common victory of kindness!

And we convey our special gratitude to the thousands of people who have entrusted us with the most valuable thing, their desire to make this world better! We do good deeds together!

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