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Thank you for helping a family with 8 children in Lyubimovka!

November 21, 2021, 10:33 421 Author: Albert Pavlov Foundations and simple donors helped with food and things, but the family still needs our support.

Thank you for helping a family with 8 children in Lyubimovka!

I am glad that foundations and ordinary people responded to the call for help for the large family of Natalia and Bogdan Kucheruk, who settled in home 5 in Lyubimovka.

Thanks to your support, 8 children will be provided with food, clothing and detergents for the near future.

Special thanks for the help provided:

- Company Cargill for Silpo certificates in the amount of 183 dollars.

- Zaporizhzhya Foundation "Vity Hope Lyubiti" for food sets, clothes and useful things

- Fund Karitas Zaporizhzhya for detergents, stationery and gifts for children

- Natalia from Kiev, Sergey, Ekaterina, Eugene and other donors for financial support.

Thank you for helping a family with 8 children in Lyubimovka!

Also, thanks to your help, we have purchased medicines for children for 25 dollars (now several children have colds, there is a suspicion of a sore throat).

Now we are trying to organize as soon as possible the process of paperwork, benefits, renewal of the electricity contract. The head of the family went to work in the Dnieper (construction), and we hope that soon the family will have its own income.

Thank you for helping a family with 8 children in Lyubimovka!

From urgent needs:

- purchase of fuel (coal, firewood or briquettes), payment for electricity and water (90-150 dollars per month);

- products for the next month;

- purchase of tools - axes, saws, etc .;

- a computer for children and payment for the Internet;

- curtains, pillows, wardrobes, study tables;

- fencing the territory with a fence (to protect children from neighboring abandoned buildings and prevent theft);

- legal registration of the building as a residential building;

- gas connection - we already have a boiler, there is a gas pipe nearby, we need to pay for the connection process and installation work - approximately $ 1300-1900).

It is easy to help the family either by sending things by Nova Poshta or to the foundation's office in Zaporozhye. Write to us at 093 266 34 21 (viber)

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