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A small report of our work

October 10, 2023, 21:00 65 Author: Lobanok Yana deti.zp.ua We continue to help treat children.

A small report of our work

An important area of our work is assistance in treatment of seriously ill children.

If we have time, we open a fundraiser on our website for the needs of a specific child. It can be the purchase of hearing aids, medical equipment, scheduled rehabilitation and treatment. If help is urgently needed, such as urgent treatment, examination, etc., we help immediately, thanks to your donations.

Yes, in September we spent about 73 thousand hryvnias on urgent requests for help. They helped to pass MRI examinations and blood tests, bought lactose-free food, a pulse oximeter and probes for feeding. And also medicine, many medicines for children with different diagnoses.

A small report of our work

Last month turned out to be the champion in terms of trips to rehabilitation centers that we paid for! Five children with musculoskeletal disorders made a step forward in their development. During the month, we transferred 126,550 hryvnias to rehabilitation centers!

Thank you, friends, for your trust and support! We can only help thanks to your donations.

Support channels are unchanged:

Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporozhye region, Ukraine, since 2004

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You donated in 2023

$ 418 671

Our expenses in 2023
To 118 sick children $80 571
Medical equipment: $2 475
Humanitarian help: $126 749
To disabled children: $130 286
To children's village: $13 965
To orphans and poor children: $14 882
"Helpus" - help to adults: $24 366
Service expenses: $40 101
Total sum of expenses: $439 269

$6 738 540

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