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Spring in the children's ecovillage

May 11, 2021, 14:35 1022 deti.zp.ua A safe and environmentally friendly environment for children's development is what will allow former orphans to adapt to life. Everyone can help in the development of the project.

Spring in the children's ecovillage

A safe and ecological environment for children is one of the factors for recovery after boarding schools and traumatic orphan childhood. In the Children's Ecovillage in Ukrainka children have a huge territory, which we are slowly making more beautiful and safer. So far, our project has two families, but we are looking for new families, as well as renovating an old house for the comfortable living of another small foster family.

Thanks to your support, we continue to develop the project and help children. In recent months, we have spent tens of thousands on dental treatment for children (some under general anesthesia). We planted about 50 trees and continued to care for more than 200 previously planted trees, which are beginning to give the first harvest.

The other day we bought more than 30 tons of sand, which we use for plastering Moomin house, concreting the cellar and technical pit for water, renovating the house, and, of course, for children's sandboxes. We also bought bituminous shingles for the roof of the Moomin house.

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Yaroslav Lizya
Yaroslav Lizya

Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia

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