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Summer-2021 in a children's eco-village in Ukrainka

September 14, 2021, 20:35 459 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua A short story about the development of the village of happy homes for former orphans


• playground;

• treatment of children (teeth, eyes, vaccinations);

• lawn mower, freezer, refrigerator, mattresses;

• guests - impulse, mothers with children;

• sand, shingles;

• auto repair;

• tree planting;

Summer-2021 in a children's eco-village in Ukrainka

A short story about the development of the village of happy homes for former orphans

In the small village of Ukrainka in the Vasilievsky district of the Zaporozhye region, we continue the development of the "Detskoe Ekoselo" project - settlements "Happy Homes" for former orphans.

In the past months, we have focused on the health of children - we continued the complex dental treatment for foster children, qualitatively examined their eyesight, underwent treatment and ordered glasses for several children, and gave preventive vaccinations against cervical cancer to two girls.

In July, a resident of Zaporozhye gave the children a super gift - she handed over a play complex with a slide, and thanks to donors we were able to pay for its delivery and installation. Not only children from Happy Houses, but also other children of Ukrainka can play on the new playground, as well as swim in the pool. In this way, we continue to develop recreational facilities, and we hope to host several children's tent camps next year.

This summer, creative teenagers from the Impulse Foundation project spent several days with us. And in August we held a small experimental family camp for mothers with children from Zaporozhye, Kiev and Kharkov. Both of these events were very positive, we plan to practice this experience in the future.

From everyday issues, which are always a lot - we purchased a freezer, refrigerator, electric lawn mower, mattresses for guest beds, bed linen, made a major repair of the minibus, ordered 35 tons of sand for construction sites and sandpits, and shingles for Moomin houses.

With the onset of autumn, we resumed construction work - in the near future we want to plaster and paint the guest house-museum Moomin-house, install a flexible roof and a lightning rod, connect the house to water and electricity.

And now - about the plans:

• first of all, to continue to deal with the health of children (treatment of teeth, vision, enuresis, consult some children with a psychiatrist and a neurologist, make a second dose of paid vaccinations for girls);

• we hope to attract more funding and start additional work of tutors with children;

• finally, we want to make children's travels safe by replacing the seats in the minibus with better ones with seat belts;

• to complete the work on the exterior decoration of the Moomin House, to start the internal work;

• as always, make the most of the autumn planting season for planting plants (conifers, fruit trees, roses) - everyone can help us buy plants!

• we hope to attract more friends, volunteers, and in the future, possibly also project participants, so we are glad to have guests (just write about your arrival in advance!)

How to support a project:

- become a volunteer, participant or just come to visit - write, call +38 093 266 34 21 (viber);

- purchase seedlings of plants and hand over to us, if you wish - come and plant them (we open the planting season in October);

- hand over to us unnecessary, but intact building materials, metal, brick, household appliances, furniture, etc.;

- help as a volunteer in construction, tree planting, information support;

- help pay for the medical needs of a particular child or the work of a tutor with him;

- help pay for educational excursions and trips;

- subscribe for a regular payment in support of the project, or make one-time donation.

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