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History of one family

May 29, 2022, 18:45 182 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua We continue to provide assistance to families who fled their homes to escape the war.

History of one family

Little Vanyusha became anxious after moving to Zaporozhye. The parents turned to a neurologist, who prescribed an examination, and then medicines. We helped the boy's parents pay for the treatment, and also supported him with certificates to buy groceries.

“I, my husband and son Ivan are refugees from the Volnovakha region,” says Elena. - Even before marriage, in 2014, the war took my home in Donetsk. On February 24, the war took my house again. We were forced to leave our family nest, where everything is dear to us and where we dream to return. The war has deprived us of many things, but it has not taken away our faith in the Lord and good people! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Happy Child Foundation for helping me with the examination and treatment of my son!”.

This is just one story out of a dozen that we hear every day. We strive to make life a little easier for people who are away from home - with almost no things and special savings.

Thank you friends for trusting us! We direct your donations to where they are most needed. And we will certainly report on our website for every hryvnia spent!

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Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporozhye region, Ukraine, since 2004

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