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We continue to support the Zaporizhzhia military hospital

May 4, 2022, 20:35 504 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the hospital has treated about 2,000 wounded soldiers, 400 civilians and 43 children. The hospital asked for help again.

We continue to support the Zaporozhye military hospital


Letter from the hospital

With the beginning of Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine Happy Child Charitable Foundation actively provides humanitarian assistance to Zaporozhye families, as well as to those who were forced to move to Zaporozhye, fleeing the hostilities. In addition, thanks to the active support of the foundation not only from Ukraine, but also from abroad, we also had a great opportunity to help the Zaporozhye military hospital.

From the first days of the war, they began to receive the wounded from the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, where the situation remains difficult even now. For a joint victory over Russian fascism, some medical specialists came to work at the Zaporozhye military hospital from other regions of the country. Some of the doctors, by the way, live here, because patients often come at night. A wide range of medical care is provided to Ukrainian soldiers for quick recovery of the body after severe wounds. And almost every second person needs dental care.

We continue to support the Zaporozhye military hospital

In April of this year, the foundation purchased equipment and instruments to provide dental care. The sterilization cabinet, various instruments, filling and consumables have already taken their places in the office. Out of a hundred positions, we spent almost 6 721$ for these needs.

We continue to support the Zaporozhye military hospital

There remains an important need for a portable x-ray machine and a visiograph that converts x-rays into a digital image. Doctors see about 20 patients daily. Difficult cases in treatment require additional examination. If you have the necessary device without transporting the patient to special rooms, you can quickly conduct a qualitative study and make a decision on treatment tactics.

The cost of the equipment is 423$.

Let's support Ukrainian soldiers for our common victory!

Please support our project to help the hospital called "Zaporozhye. Military hospital, hold on!" , which was launched on the platform dobro.ua.

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