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In Vilniansk, the last will of a woman was fulfilled

March 29, 2023, 19:15 65 061.ua The woman asked to transfer all her savings to sick children and orphans after her death.

The woman asked to transfer all her savings to sick children and orphans after her death.

Today, March 28, 90-year-old local resident Antonina Mitko died in Vilniansk. She left a letter in which she asked to give all her material values to sick children or orphans. The city authorities fulfilled the last will of the woman.

This was reported in Vilnius City Council.

The woman was a person of faith, denied herself many things, collected funds all her life. In the note, she wrote: "Everything is from God. Savings under the bathroom. For sick children and orphans". The letter and money were found by Natalya Musienko, a resident of Vilnianska, mayor and a social worker. They gave the dead woman's money to the father of a 4-year-old boy, who is fighting for his life in a Kyiv hospital. Antonina Mitko's jewelry will be given to the father of a 14-year-old girl with disabilities, who is raising her daughter on her own.

- Yes, good deeds are done quietly, but we couldn't help but publish the story of this woman who saved a child's life in this way. By doing good deeds, we start a chain reaction of kindness, thereby motivating people to give kindness to others. This is a story that proves that the world is not without good people. When you see such actions, it becomes clear how much good there is in the world. There is a war outside the window, but such life stories help to believe in Victory, which is near, because Good always defeats Evil! Bright memory, Antonina Mykolaivna! - wrote in the city hall.

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