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Project: "Happy Child" Children's Village

In Zaporozhye Oblast, charity fund "Happy Child" is taking the initiative to develop a small village community of foster families where children and parents will live in harmony with nature

Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by David Sudermann, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-07-01 21-00-00 Viewed, times: 19377
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Dear Friends!

Charity foundation Happy Child is creating an initiative to develop a village settlement of foster families and children's homes of a family type for the raising of both biological and foster children in a holistic community setting. Children with special needs are included. The village is to be located in Zaporozhye region.

We do not plan to reinvent the wheel but will make use, first and foremost, of the general principles of "ecosettlement", exemplified in the Russian community Kitezh. (The Kitezh website has English pages. If you read Russian, check out my 2010 "Report of My Trip to Kitezh".

first home in the Children's Village (summer 2015)

Children of the village and their guests (September 2017)

Guidelines for Bringing Up Children

Holistic approach to intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of both foster and biological children.

Life for both children and adults in harmony with nature, society, and in concord with others.

Raising children according to personal example: adults consciously refrain from consumption of alcohol, smoking, drugs, obscenity, and physical or mental violence.

Observance of the rights of children in accordance with the UN Convention on Children's Rights.

Professional approach to the problems of foster/adopted children and children with special needs.

Non-coercive initiation of children to work (farm, shops, construction).

Education of children to a healthy style of living following adult examples in morning exercise, sports groups, hikes, calisthenics.

Introduction of children to charitable activity; help for neighbors; participation in social charity campaigns, volunteer work, and the like.

Collective approach to managing community life (community council).

Effective educational system; instruction of children in small groups; whole-person development.

Principal task: to teach children to think, to take pleasure in new learning, to see the true goals of education. At the same time, the children should have the opportunity to leave the community after completing school and to have the chance to enroll in a university or another educational institution.

Parents help one another in teaching the children (e.g., if you know English or understand auto mechanics, you can teach your child and a neighbor).

Summer in the Children's Village

Main stages of settlement development:

1. Selection and purchase/lease of a parcel of land.
2. Project planning for the children's village (plan of the buildings and utilities).
3. Arranging for communications, construction of a guest house.
4. Construction of a community center and homes for the first families.
5. Construction of an administrative building.
6. Selection and settlement of the first foster families.
7. Construction of homes for new families and further development of the infrastructure.
8. Active development of the settlement in all directions.

Tentatively, under ideal conditions, the first families will be able to settle in the village in three years after the start of the project.

Here is the first and second houses :

"Happy home -4" - June 2017

"Happy home -5" - Autumn 2017

The concert for the residents of the children's village and Ukrainka - Fall 2015

Project of future "Happy home -6"

Would you like to become a participant in the project?

If our ideas resonate with you, then you are welcome to take part in realizing the project:

1. You may wish to offer your preference as to the geographic location of the village site (specify the raion [region] in Zaporozhye Oblast and the neighboring population center; describe the distinctive features of the site relative to our criteria).
2. You may help organizationally with the selection of the plot of land.
3. You may help financially at every stage of the project selection and purchase of the land, construction, communications.
4. Express constructive suggestions related to our concept of the children's village, or share experience you may have.
5. Report your desire to become an active participant, and, where possible, a future resident of the village. (Please share in writing something about yourself a short curriculum vitae and something about your motives.)

Please get in touch with us for further sharing! (Click on the English page, if you do not know Russian.)