Детские дома и интернаты Запорожья

Report on donations to project Проект «Детской деревни Happy Child»
for the period since 01.01.2007 to 01.01.2030

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
15.11.2019Rob D.Great Britain63.69 US dollars
31.10.2019V VUkraine520.1 US dollars
30.10.2019Alexei T.Ukraine928.88 US dollars
30.10.2019Nguyen T. L.undefined300 US dollars
30.10.2019V VUkraine278.73 US dollars
28.10.2019DmitrijUkraine11.62 US dollars
24.10.2019Tat'yana Sh.Ukraine12.05 US dollars
17.10.2019Box for donationUkraine17.31 US dollars
14.10.2019Rob D.Great Britain61.84 US dollars
10.10.2019Elena V.P.Ukraine15.75 US dollars
07.10.2019Igor' S.Ukraine203.16 US dollars
05.10.2019Tat'yana L.Ukraine8.04 US dollars
04.10.2019Anna K.Ukraine12.01 US dollars
24.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.98 US dollars
24.09.2019Dave P.USA118.61 US dollars
24.09.2019Petr D.Ukraine306.97 US dollars
16.09.2019Rob D.Great Britain60.13 US dollars
15.09.2019Paula M.USA200 US dollars
12.09.2019Julie VilardoUSA200 US dollars
05.09.2019Oksana D.Ukraine7.81 US dollars
28.08.2019Sven P.Germany264.84 US dollars
28.08.2019+38096…..48Ukraine38.65 US dollars
19.08.2019Rob D.Great Britain57.51 US dollars
13.08.2019AnonymousUkraine19.38 US dollars
23.07.2019Alexei T.Ukraine982.72 US dollars
16.07.2019Natal'ya K.Ukraine5.83 US dollars
11.07.2019R. P.Ukraine94.6 US dollars
13.06.2019Rob D.Great Britain62.45 US dollars
12.06.2019Rob D.Great Britain61.03 US dollars
10.06.2019Platon D.Ukraine18.28 US dollars
06.06.2019Pavel Ch.Russia129.87 US dollars
05.06.2019AnonymousUkraine55.13 US dollars
04.06.2019Dave P.USA296.05 US dollars
04.06.2019Charity eventUkraine5.94 US dollars
30.05.2019Ekaterina M.Ukraine36.45 US dollars
29.05.2019Julia B.Ukraine18.94 US dollars
07.05.2019Rob D.Great Britain66.46 US dollars
02.05.2019Box for donationUkraine18.72 US dollars
21.04.2019AnonymousUkraine0.19 US dollars
19.04.2019Box for donationUkraine36.14 US dollars
19.04.2019Box for donationUkraine11.92 US dollars
19.04.2019Box for donationUkraine68.93 US dollars
19.04.2019Box for donationUkraine26.08 US dollars
19.04.2019Box for donationUkraine13.49 US dollars
17.04.2019Mikael T.USA2500 US dollars
17.04.2019Ganna K.Ukraine63.62 US dollars
17.04.2019Pitomnik OAO "Motor Sich"Ukraine411.64 US dollars
09.04.2019Dave P.USA202.67 US dollars
06.04.2019Valery Sh.Ukraine107.97 US dollars
30.03.2019Rob D.Great Britain64.46 US dollars
23.03.2019Regina i YurijUkraine3.57 US dollars
22.03.2019V VUkraine200.76 US dollars
21.03.2019AnonymousUkraine0.18 US dollars
20.03.2019Anna B.Sweden53.71 US dollars
18.03.2019V VUkraine467.91 US dollars
15.03.2019Andrej S.Ukraine36.4 US dollars
10.03.2019Sofiya V.Ukraine132.17 US dollars
04.03.2019Pavel Ch.Russia128.37 US dollars
02.03.2019Rob D.Great Britain66.09 US dollars
28.02.2019AnonymousUkraine0.72 US dollars
24.02.2019Natal'ya T.Ukraine43.22 US dollars
22.02.2019Viktoriya Sh.Ukraine14.81 US dollars
20.02.2019korkachaUkraine7.16 US dollars
15.02.2019Platon D.Ukraine18.08 US dollars
13.02.2019+38096…..98Ukraine3.68 US dollars
05.02.2019Lyudmila B.Ukraine3.65 US dollars
01.02.2019Rob D.Great Britain65.98 US dollars
29.01.2019Box for donationUkraine11.28 US dollars
29.01.2019Box for donationUkraine7.86 US dollars
29.01.2019Box for donationUkraine19.01 US dollars
29.01.2019Box for donationUkraine16.13 US dollars
26.01.2019AnonymousUkraine10.5 US dollars
21.01.2019Rob D.Great Britain64.85 US dollars
19.01.2019Box for donation Saltovskoe shosse 248bUkraine49.31 US dollars
19.01.2019Box for donationUkraine1.93 US dollars
19.01.2019Box for donationUkraine41.25 US dollars
18.01.2019Viktoriya Sh.Ukraine10.71 US dollars
14.01.2019Dzvonislava K.Ukraine9.54 US dollars
11.01.2019Elena B.Ukraine2.19 US dollars
10.01.2019Alёna G.Ukraine129.12 US dollars
10.01.2019Alёna G.Ukraine142.24 US dollars
10.01.2019MarinaUkraine41.5 US dollars
07.01.2019AnonymousUkraine0.35 US dollars
07.01.2019AlbertUkraine0.35 US dollars
07.01.2019AlbertUkraine0.28 US dollars
27.12.2018Mikhail M.Ukraine170.97 US dollars
26.12.2018Andrey K.Ukraine92.95 US dollars
21.12.2018Yana S.Ukraine326.36 US dollars
05.12.2018Inna K.Ukraine106.3 US dollars
04.12.2018Alexei T.Ukraine1098.41 US dollars
03.12.2018Pavel Ch.Russia118.46 US dollars
02.12.2018Rob D.Great Britain63.29 US dollars
01.12.2018Future Youth Project (Vinca Peterson)Great Britain524.66 US dollars
29.11.2018Olga SokurenkoUkraine7.12 US dollars
23.11.2018Dave P.USA194.62 US dollars
22.11.2018Platon D.Ukraine17.51 US dollars
21.11.2018Irina Y.Ukraine700.55 US dollars
16.11.2018V VUkraine24.99 US dollars
01.11.2018Rob D.Great Britain63.1 US dollars
30.10.2018Elena D.Ukraine7.04 US dollars
29.10.2018Anna K.Ukraine10.56 US dollars
29.10.2018Mikhail R.Ukraine7.04 US dollars
26.10.2018Inna K.Ukraine106.57 US dollars
25.10.2018Box for donationUkraine3.55 US dollars
24.10.2018Yulya Sh.Ukraine5.18 US dollars
22.10.2018Lyudmila G.Ukraine88.71 US dollars
21.10.2018Lyubov' S.Ukraine8.87 US dollars
21.10.2018Sofiya V.Ukraine17.83 US dollars
21.10.2018Yuliya D.Ukraine3.55 US dollars
19.10.2018Denis M.Ukraine89.17 US dollars
09.10.2018Stanislav Y.Switzerland356.02 US dollars
06.10.2018Natal'ya K.Ukraine14.2 US dollars
03.10.2018Rob D.Great Britain65.35 US dollars
02.10.2018ChP NVF AL'YaNSUkraine707.47 US dollars
30.09.2018Viktoriya S.Ukraine10.6 US dollars
21.09.2018V VUkraine24.89 US dollars
08.09.2018Natal'ya K.Ukraine17.72 US dollars
05.09.2018Rob D.Great Britain64.15 US dollars
04.09.2018Pavel Ch.Russia115.01 US dollars
18.08.2018Rob D.Great Britain62.67 US dollars
15.08.2018Denver B.USA10.43 US dollars
06.08.2018Denver B.USA370.21 US dollars
06.08.2018Elena F.Ukraine5.55 US dollars
25.07.2018Rob D.Great Britain67.12 US dollars
16.07.2018V VUkraine966.18 US dollars
10.07.2018Alexei T.Ukraine1142.87 US dollars
03.07.2018Anna K.Ukraine10.03 US dollars
26.06.2018Lilya G.USA129.58 US dollars
23.06.2018Peter W. H.Australia450 US dollars
15.06.2018Rob D.Great Britain69.29 US dollars
14.06.2018Pavel Ch.Russia126.12 US dollars
12.06.2018Box for donationUkraine2.18 US dollars
11.06.2018V VUkraine22.77 US dollars
02.06.2018Sven P.Germany451.21 US dollars
09.05.2018Rob D.Great Britain70.06 US dollars
08.05.2018R. P.Ukraine18.48 US dollars
24.04.2018Stanislav Y.Switzerland459.32 US dollars
18.04.2018Denis M.Ukraine152.59 US dollars
17.04.2018V VUkraine41.95 US dollars
16.04.2018Rob D.Great Britain76.88 US dollars
10.04.2018Anna K.Ukraine3.84 US dollars
04.04.2018Rob D.Great Britain73.72 US dollars
28.03.2018Future Youth Project (Vinca Peterson)Great Britain900.23 US dollars
28.03.2018Future Youth Project (Vinca Peterson)Great Britain2015 US dollars
28.03.2018Future Youth Project (Vinca Peterson)Great Britain5717.7 US dollars
28.03.2018Dave P.USA120 US dollars
18.03.2018Inna K.Ukraine254.52 US dollars
09.03.2018Inna K.Ukraine113.86 US dollars
07.03.2018Anna K.Ukraine6.79 US dollars
05.03.2018Pavel Ch.Russia139.12 US dollars
22.02.2018Amy S.USA300 US dollars
21.02.2018V VUkraine11.03 US dollars
16.02.2018Ramina D.Ukraine460.33 US dollars
14.02.2018V VUkraine8.83 US dollars
09.02.2018Anna K.Ukraine3.08 US dollars
06.02.2018Rob D.Great Britain75.31 US dollars
02.02.2018jochem r.undefined45.5 US dollars
28.01.2018Inna K.Ukraine278.31 US dollars
24.01.2018AnonymousUkraine113.8 US dollars
18.01.2018Lilya G.USA164.04 US dollars
17.01.2018Krementsov PavelUkraine52.07 US dollars
12.01.2018Rob D.Great Britain70.89 US dollars
09.01.2018Alexei T.Ukraine397.12 US dollars
08.01.2018Luc. TSpain238.46 US dollars
03.01.2018Yana D.Ukraine176.9 US dollars
30.12.2017Pavel Ch.Russia129.5 US dollars
30.12.2017It kompaniya "Redwerk"Ukraine669.82 US dollars
29.12.2017Anna K.Ukraine3.92 US dollars
26.12.2017Coursework DifferenceUkraine26.76 US dollars
26.12.2017Coursework DifferenceUkraine72.81 US dollars
24.12.2017Inna K.Ukraine179.5 US dollars
24.12.2017Vyacheslav Т.Ukraine3.59 US dollars
24.12.2017Box for donationUkraine1.33 US dollars
21.12.2017Ivan S.Ukraine72.37 US dollars
12.12.2017Peter W. H.Australia710.29 US dollars
07.12.2017Inna K.Ukraine184.06 US dollars
07.12.2017Irina Y.Ukraine368.13 US dollars
30.11.2017Rob D.Great Britain140.81 US dollars
27.11.2017Shevchuk ElenaUkraine63.17 US dollars
17.11.2017Ksenia Z.Switzerland41.55 US dollars
15.11.2017Box for donationUkraine2.64 US dollars
12.11.2017Anna K.Ukraine3.13 US dollars
07.11.2017Dave P.USA196.44 US dollars
07.11.2017Dave P.USA196.44 US dollars
05.11.2017runawayUkraine72.36 US dollars
02.11.2017Stanislav Y.Switzerland3000 US dollars
27.10.2017Pavel Ch.Russia129.19 US dollars
24.10.2017Amy S.USA500 US dollars
20.10.2017Alexei T.Ukraine547.17 US dollars
19.10.2017Irina Y.Ukraine188.79 US dollars
09.10.2017Evgenij S.Ukraine3.71 US dollars
09.10.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine3.71 US dollars
09.10.2017Rob D.Great Britain67.79 US dollars
28.09.2017Irina Ch.Ukraine15.11 US dollars
09.09.2017Rob D.Great Britain68.09 US dollars
06.09.2017Ivanna G.Ukraine162.69 US dollars
05.09.2017Box for donationUkraine6.21 US dollars
05.09.2017Alexei T.Ukraine391.8 US dollars
01.09.2017Pavel Ch.Russia124.07 US dollars
29.08.2017Box for donationUkraine7.09 US dollars
23.08.2017Lindsey K.Great Britain1235.79 US dollars
22.08.2017Rob D.Great Britain115.56 US dollars
10.08.2017Irina Y.Ukraine388.73 US dollars
03.08.2017Stanislav Y.Switzerland200 US dollars
01.08.2017Alexei T.Ukraine392.58 US dollars
31.07.2017Vladimir P.Ireland100 US dollars
21.07.2017Yuliia A.undefined15 US dollars
11.07.2017Irina Ch.Ukraine19.23 US dollars
07.07.2017Alexei T.Ukraine429.77 US dollars
03.07.2017Rob D.Great Britain116.64 US dollars
03.07.2017Dave P.USA100 US dollars
22.06.2017Box for donationUkraine5.19 US dollars
14.06.2017Artem Pr.USA97.99 US dollars
14.06.2017Svitlana S.undefined100 US dollars
09.06.2017AnonymousUkraine95.61 US dollars
02.06.2017AnonymousUkraine38.06 US dollars
02.06.2017Pavel Ch.Russia124.8 US dollars
30.05.2017Rob D.Great Britain115.39 US dollars
16.05.2017Alexei T.Ukraine285.59 US dollars
05.05.2017Pavel S.Ukraine312.93 US dollars
28.04.2017Rob D.Great Britain115.84 US dollars
18.04.2017Sven P.Germany513.22 US dollars
13.04.2017Alexei T.Ukraine291.71 US dollars
13.04.2017Obschestvennaya organizatsiya "Zaporozhskij Vektor"Ukraine186.04 US dollars
13.04.2017Artem Pr.USA49.19 US dollars
08.04.2017Ksenia Z.Switzerland40.51 US dollars
31.03.2017Rob D.Great Britain111.66 US dollars
17.03.2017Artem Pr.USA99.52 US dollars
06.03.2017Pavel Ch.Russia119.69 US dollars
03.03.2017Anja F.undefined203.34 US dollars
28.02.2017Rob D.Great Britain111.65 US dollars
08.02.2017Alexei T.Ukraine290.03 US dollars
07.02.2017Rob D.Great Britain112.13 US dollars
07.02.2017Alexei T.Ukraine290.65 US dollars
04.02.2017Ramina D.Ukraine277.91 US dollars
03.02.2017Igor' S.Ukraine184.64 US dollars
21.01.2017AnonymousUkraine0.18 US dollars
04.01.2017Alexei T.Ukraine302.31 US dollars
30.12.2016runawayUkraine71.53 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine12.5 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine15.31 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine18.18 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine19.13 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine7.77 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine13.64 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine12.12 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine10.8 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine6.63 US dollars
15.12.2016Inna K.Ukraine115.92 US dollars
13.12.2016Alexei T.Ukraine370.57 US dollars
06.12.2016Pavel Ch.Russia110.38 US dollars
05.12.2016Rob D.Great Britain120.7 US dollars
02.12.2016Box for donationUkraine10.7 US dollars
02.12.2016Box for donationUkraine13.72 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine5.16 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine2.33 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine11.4 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine12.99 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine12.8 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine13.77 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine11.44 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine5.43 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine8.73 US dollars
25.11.2016Box for donationUkraine21.53 US dollars
18.11.2016Zaporozhskij vektorUkraine330.09 US dollars
07.11.2016Alexei T.Ukraine319.05 US dollars
03.11.2016Box for donationUkraine4.31 US dollars
03.11.2016Box for donationUkraine6.23 US dollars
02.11.2016Rob D.Great Britain125 US dollars
25.10.2016Maksim K.Ukraine106.01 US dollars
21.10.2016AnonymousUkraine0.19 US dollars
18.10.2016Box for donationUkraine34.52 US dollars
18.10.2016Box for donationUkraine5.83 US dollars
18.10.2016Box for donationUkraine5.62 US dollars
18.10.2016Box for donationUkraine20.94 US dollars
18.10.2016Box for donationUkraine17.64 US dollars
18.10.2016Box for donationUkraine11.25 US dollars
10.10.2016Box for donationUkraine4.25 US dollars
10.10.2016Box for donationUkraine5.41 US dollars
10.10.2016Box for donationUkraine10.58 US dollars
04.10.2016Alexei T.Ukraine629.83 US dollars
30.09.2016Rob D.Great Britain120.7 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine9.65 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine6.79 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine10.73 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine11.58 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine14.05 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine7.84 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine3.67 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine14.28 US dollars
27.09.2016Box for donationUkraine4.25 US dollars
21.09.2016AnonymousUkraine0.19 US dollars
20.09.2016Oksana M.USA500 US dollars
20.09.2016Roland D.Belgium1023.9 US dollars
19.09.2016AnonymousUkraine3.86 US dollars
19.09.2016AnonymousUkraine1.16 US dollars
17.09.2016Pavel Ch.Russia107.7 US dollars
13.09.2016Denver B.USA56.23 US dollars
08.09.2016Ol'ga K.Ukraine7.47 US dollars
06.09.2016Alexei T.Ukraine357.45 US dollars
04.09.2016Rob D.Great Britain120.7 US dollars
12.08.2016Oleg K.Ukraine8.05 US dollars
11.08.2016Elena B.Ukraine2.93 US dollars
09.08.2016Ievgen K.undefined30.39 US dollars
03.08.2016Rob D.Great Britain120.7 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine7.17 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine12.7 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine3.22 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine6.25 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine6.53 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine23.86 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine13.1 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine9.59 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine37.48 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine3.51 US dollars
28.07.2016Box for donationUkraine16.52 US dollars
22.07.2016Pavel Ch.Russia95.33 US dollars
05.07.2016Rob D.Great Britain120.7 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine6.44 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine6.04 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine25.96 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine19.36 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine7.65 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine14.04 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine5.23 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine4.87 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine14.25 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine24.99 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine7.65 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine7.53 US dollars
30.06.2016Box for donationUkraine6.36 US dollars
21.06.2016Box for donationUkraine4.82 US dollars
21.06.2016Box for donationUkraine6.22 US dollars
21.06.2016Box for donationUkraine3.17 US dollars
21.06.2016Box for donationUkraine18.67 US dollars
21.06.2016Box for donationUkraine12.97 US dollars
21.06.2016Box for donationUkraine1.5 US dollars
21.06.2016Box for donationUkraine28.63 US dollars
13.06.2016Carters UkrainaUkraine19.93 US dollars
01.06.2016Rob D.Great Britain280.94 US dollars
24.05.2016Zubritskaya AnnaUkraine11.9 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine6.29 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine4.64 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine14.93 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine8.72 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine12.02 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine9.43 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine6.52 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine6.88 US dollars
19.05.2016Box for donationUkraine2.44 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine4.03 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine10.15 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine5.92 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine5.92 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine5.92 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine20.14 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine4.42 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine20.61 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine13.66 US dollars
12.05.2016Box for donationUkraine21.72 US dollars
11.05.2016Zubritskaya AnnaUkraine39.74 US dollars
30.04.2016Pavel Ch.Russia93.31 US dollars
21.04.2016Irina NikolaevnaUkraine981.35 US dollars
12.04.2016Olena B.UAE39.11 US dollars
01.04.2016Rob D.Great Britain139.68 US dollars
17.03.2016AO "SK" AHA Insurance" Companies ActUkraine105.21 US dollars
17.03.2016Bogdan Avto kollektivUkraine37.71 US dollars
08.03.2016Zubritskaya AnnaUkraine15.02 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine7.76 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine5.95 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine6.17 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine2.26 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine7.02 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine3.88 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine5.55 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine9.06 US dollars
04.03.2016Box for donationUkraine11.42 US dollars
01.03.2016Rob D.Great Britain135.22 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine9.46 US dollars
25.02.2016Lija Z.USA48.6 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine18.73 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine5.55 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine20.86 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine13.3 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine12.14 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine11.25 US dollars
25.02.2016Box for donationUkraine7.19 US dollars
13.02.2016Pavel Ch.Russia76.8 US dollars
12.02.2016Rob D.Great Britain138.84 US dollars
09.02.2016shop "Carter's in Ukraine"Ukraine19.2 US dollars
04.02.2016MBF Shlyakhami dobraUkraine469.15 US dollars
03.02.2016Tarasenko LesyaUkraine79.52 US dollars
21.01.2016Ron R.Netherlands60.5 US dollars
12.01.2016Alexei T.Ukraine311.94 US dollars
12.01.2016Rob D.Great Britain142.29 US dollars
28.12.2015Box for donationUkraine25.5 US dollars
28.12.2015Box for donationUkraine11.28 US dollars
28.12.2015Box for donationUkraine2.77 US dollars
28.12.2015Box for donationUkraine4.9 US dollars
28.12.2015Box for donationUkraine16.42 US dollars
28.12.2015Box for donationUkraine18.87 US dollars
28.12.2015Box for donationUkraine34.14 US dollars
27.12.2015Svetlana V.USA97.5 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine3.1 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine8.71 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine12.1 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine9.77 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine5.44 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine15.67 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine5.78 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine11.25 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine15.97 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine13.76 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine7.01 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine5.78 US dollars
23.12.2015Box for donationUkraine12.53 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine21.5 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine36.06 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine6.39 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine17.03 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine19.46 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine6.6 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine9.07 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine13.2 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine10.05 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine8.52 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine23.88 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine24.82 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine13.96 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine28.7 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine28.1 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine22.69 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine13.33 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine15.16 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine10.73 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine16.48 US dollars
18.12.2015Box for donationUkraine21.29 US dollars
11.12.2015Tatyana K.Ukraine4.35 US dollars
04.12.2015Alexei T.Ukraine303.35 US dollars
04.12.2015Rob D.Great Britain148.71 US dollars
04.12.2015Rob D.Great Britain145.51 US dollars
24.11.2015Alexei T.Ukraine305.55 US dollars
05.11.2015Pavel Ch.Russia78.62 US dollars
02.11.2015Zubritskaya AnnaUkraine17.48 US dollars
27.10.2015Denver B.USA1955.7 US dollars
27.10.2015jochem r.undefined57 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine16.48 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine6.86 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine6.15 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine6.62 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine13.38 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine13.95 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine7.23 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine6.9 US dollars
22.10.2015Box for donationUkraine14.04 US dollars
19.10.2015Amy S.USA195.3 US dollars
10.10.2015Natalya D.Ukraine9.39 US dollars
08.10.2015Rob D.Great Britain146.03 US dollars
06.10.2015Denver B.USA5901.93 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine10.63 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine5.45 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine17.1 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine14.14 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine16.96 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine8.23 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine19.18 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine15.25 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine38.63 US dollars
15.09.2015Anna A.USA82.95 US dollars
15.09.2015Rob D.Great Britain148.17 US dollars
14.09.2015Denver B.USA1576.14 US dollars
03.09.2015Olena B.UAE37.76 US dollars
02.09.2015Pavel Ch.Russia76.56 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine21.5 US dollars
30.07.2015Rob D.Great Britain150.89 US dollars
24.07.2015Box for donationUkraine10.74 US dollars
24.07.2015Box for donationUkraine6.19 US dollars
24.07.2015Box for donationUkraine11.85 US dollars
24.07.2015Box for donationUkraine23.34 US dollars
24.07.2015Box for donationUkraine15.07 US dollars
24.07.2015Box for donationUkraine6.96 US dollars
10.07.2015Rob D.Great Britain150.68 US dollars
08.07.2015Pavel Ch.Russia90.18 US dollars
26.06.2015Artemich L.Ukraine4.39 US dollars
25.06.2015BF MariamUkraine101.69 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine4.99 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine5.64 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine10.91 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine12.8 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine15.81 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine19.55 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine21.86 US dollars
23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine24.36 US dollars
12.06.2015Box for donationUkraine7.58 US dollars
12.06.2015Box for donationUkraine11.37 US dollars
12.06.2015Box for donationUkraine7.11 US dollars
10.06.2015Rob D.Great Britain147.28 US dollars
25.05.2015AnonymousUkraine96.46 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine25.07 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine13.43 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine32.27 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine20.63 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine38.75 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine9.76 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine14.16 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine9.37 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine2.85 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine2.61 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine16.33 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine12.9 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine5.07 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine4.35 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine7.54 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine27.73 US dollars
21.05.2015Box for donationUkraine33.43 US dollars
20.05.2015Ukraine96.63 US dollars
24.04.2015Box for donationUkraine47.93 US dollars
24.04.2015Box for donationUkraine15.45 US dollars
23.04.2015Box for donationUkraine9.23 US dollars
23.04.2015Box for donationUkraine25.29 US dollars
23.04.2015Box for donationUkraine20.05 US dollars
23.04.2015Box for donationUkraine14.86 US dollars
23.04.2015Box for donationUkraine32.56 US dollars
23.04.2015Box for donationUkraine23.07 US dollars
16.04.2015Philip PristupaUkraine35.15 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine7.57 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine4.05 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine11 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine13.4 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine15.31 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine3.4 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine8.06 US dollars
10.04.2015Box for donationUkraine41 US dollars
08.04.2015Olga K.Ukraine85.08 US dollars
06.04.2015Alexandra P.Ukraine42.58 US dollars
04.04.2015Stanev A.Ukraine4.17 US dollars
03.04.2015Stanev A.Ukraine28.29 US dollars
02.04.2015Ltd.Financial Company "OMP"Ukraine36.2 US dollars
30.03.2015Box for donationUkraine35.57 US dollars
30.03.2015Box for donationUkraine20.71 US dollars
30.03.2015Box for donationUkraine13.95 US dollars
30.03.2015Box for donationUkraine14.73 US dollars
30.03.2015Box for donationUkraine16.58 US dollars
30.03.2015Box for donationUkraine16.87 US dollars
30.03.2015Box for donationUkraine0 US dollars
16.03.2015Alexandra P.Ukraine45.98 US dollars
13.03.2015Box for donationUkraine20.31 US dollars
13.03.2015Box for donationUkraine22.58 US dollars
13.03.2015Box for donationUkraine28.82 US dollars
13.03.2015Box for donationUkraine12.77 US dollars
12.03.2015Rob D.Great Britain98.33 US dollars
24.02.2015Box for donationUkraine11.42 US dollars
24.02.2015Box for donationUkraine14.49 US dollars
24.02.2015Box for donationUkraine14.88 US dollars
24.02.2015Box for donationUkraine18.88 US dollars
24.02.2015Box for donationUkraine10.25 US dollars
24.02.2015Box for donationUkraine1.7 US dollars
24.02.2015Box for donationUkraine2.83 US dollars
22.02.2015Pavel Ch.Russia52.52 US dollars
19.02.2015Roman Y.Ukraine193.73 US dollars
18.02.2015Olga K.Ukraine79.68 US dollars
15.02.2015Alexei T.Ukraine300 US dollars
13.02.2015Box for donationUkraine6.61 US dollars
13.02.2015Box for donationUkraine15.03 US dollars
13.02.2015Box for donationUkraine4.81 US dollars
10.02.2015Rob D.Great Britain95.3 US dollars
10.02.2015Olga K.Ukraine80.14 US dollars
06.02.2015AndrejUkraine37.79 US dollars
31.01.2015viking_zpUkraine12.88 US dollars
30.01.2015Box for donationUkraine16.52 US dollars
28.01.2015Box for donationUkraine19.92 US dollars
28.01.2015Box for donationUkraine24.29 US dollars
28.01.2015Box for donationUkraine13.92 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine31.63 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine21.76 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine15.56 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine31.63 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine29.79 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine19.1 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine34.28 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine13.03 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine8.86 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine9.55 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine26.76 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine43.64 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine37.07 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine10.44 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine14.8 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine33.27 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine38.65 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine39.6 US dollars
27.01.2015Box for donationUkraine50.66 US dollars
23.01.2015Box for donationUkraine25.33 US dollars
21.01.2015Box for donationUkraine11.72 US dollars
21.01.2015Box for donationUkraine9.19 US dollars
21.01.2015Box for donationUkraine37.38 US dollars
20.01.2015Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine2008.22 US dollars
16.01.2015Box for donationUkraine26.44 US dollars
16.01.2015Box for donationUkraine24.28 US dollars
16.01.2015Box for donationUkraine27.14 US dollars
16.01.2015Box for donationUkraine14.71 US dollars
16.01.2015Box for donationUkraine25.36 US dollars
13.01.2015Box for donationUkraine13.7 US dollars
13.01.2015Box for donationUkraine11.61 US dollars
13.01.2015Box for donationUkraine19.03 US dollars
13.01.2015Box for donationUkraine14.52 US dollars
13.01.2015Box for donationUkraine30.44 US dollars
13.01.2015Box for donationUkraine43.95 US dollars
11.01.2015Valery Sh.Ukraine94.76 US dollars
09.01.2015Julia SerbinenkoUkraine6.35 US dollars
09.01.2015Rob D.Great Britain97.34 US dollars
25.12.2014BO Lvovskaya obrazovatelnaya fundatsyyaUkraine25363.3 US dollars
23.12.2014Alexei T.Ukraine290.1 US dollars
16.12.2014Rob D.Great Britain101.51 US dollars
12.12.2014Box for donationUkraine20.29 US dollars
12.12.2014Box for donationUkraine12.7 US dollars
12.12.2014Box for donationUkraine59.86 US dollars
12.12.2014Box for donationUkraine15.95 US dollars
12.12.2014Box for donationUkraine8.93 US dollars
12.12.2014Box for donationUkraine12.76 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine14.32 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine82.08 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine83.94 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine3.21 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine25.05 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine24.21 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine1.28 US dollars
09.12.2014Box for donationUkraine14.39 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine7.11 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine16.28 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine37.87 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine16.61 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine142.19 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine12.29 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine37.21 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine54.15 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine28.9 US dollars
05.12.2014Box for donationUkraine48.51 US dollars
25.11.2014Olga K.Ukraine135.91 US dollars
20.11.2014Box for donationUkraine18.95 US dollars
20.11.2014Box for donationUkraine20.97 US dollars
20.11.2014Box for donationUkraine47.92 US dollars
20.11.2014Box for donationUkraine21.54 US dollars
20.11.2014Box for donationUkraine13.79 US dollars
20.11.2014Box for donationUkraine41.6 US dollars
20.11.2014Box for donationUkraine5.13 US dollars
15.11.2014James Sh.USA50 US dollars
06.11.2014Rob D.Great Britain118.3 US dollars
06.11.2014Rob D.Great Britain32 US dollars
31.10.2014Andrey K.Ukraine347.47 US dollars
28.10.2014Box for donationUkraine23.16 US dollars
28.10.2014Box for donationUkraine25.71 US dollars
28.10.2014Box for donationUkraine9.65 US dollars
17.10.2014Pavel S.Ukraine1544.26 US dollars
16.10.2014Pavel Ch.Russia96.85 US dollars
10.10.2014Box for donationUkraine31.27 US dollars
10.10.2014Box for donationUkraine36.29 US dollars
08.10.2014Andrey K.Ukraine500 US dollars
08.10.2014Rob D.Great Britain154.24 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine10.66 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine14.9 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine15.44 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine5.41 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine26.87 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine3.63 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine14.52 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine3.86 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine2.32 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine162.78 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine17.68 US dollars
02.10.2014Box for donationUkraine32.82 US dollars
23.09.2014Keshia M.New Zealand290.1 US dollars
17.09.2014Ksenia Z.Switzerland50 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine91.45 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine19.38 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine24.18 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine38.67 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine26.12 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine32.55 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine123.61 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine54.48 US dollars
15.09.2014Box for donationUkraine20.69 US dollars
11.09.2014AnonymousUkraine74.83 US dollars
11.09.2014AnonymousUkraine187.07 US dollars
11.09.2014Box for donationUkraine16.95 US dollars
11.09.2014Box for donationUkraine55.87 US dollars
11.09.2014Box for donationUkraine2.77 US dollars
11.09.2014Box for donationUkraine42.38 US dollars
11.09.2014Box for donationUkraine40.46 US dollars
09.09.2014Rob D.Great Britain160.92 US dollars
28.08.2014Box for donationUkraine23.07 US dollars
28.08.2014Box for donationUkraine12.65 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine27.36 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine11.52 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine2.66 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine21.6 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine18.86 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine8.71 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine44.13 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine28.08 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine43.19 US dollars
27.08.2014Box for donationUkraine4.25 US dollars
18.08.2014Lenard D.Canada1000.01 US dollars
13.08.2014Box for donationUkraine34.26 US dollars
13.08.2014Box for donationUkraine30.18 US dollars
13.08.2014Box for donationUkraine11.69 US dollars
13.08.2014Box for donationUkraine48.31 US dollars
13.08.2014Box for donationUkraine73.37 US dollars
13.08.2014Box for donationUkraine25.04 US dollars
13.08.2014Box for donationUkraine32.75 US dollars
31.07.2014Rob D.Great Britain204.02 US dollars
22.07.2014Box for donationUkraine8.14 US dollars
22.07.2014Box for donationUkraine20.99 US dollars
22.07.2014Box for donationUkraine27.42 US dollars
18.07.2014А.Ukraine8584.35 US dollars
16.07.2014Ann-MariaUAE30 US dollars
16.07.2014Olena B.UAE170 US dollars
09.07.2014Box for donationUkraine32.17 US dollars
09.07.2014Box for donationUkraine36.46 US dollars
09.07.2014Box for donationUkraine16.3 US dollars
04.07.2014Rob D.Great Britain82.88 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine46.1 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine19.87 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine18.6 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine53.29 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine85.4 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine28.75 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine29.59 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine14.37 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine9.3 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine7.95 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine43.12 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine7.61 US dollars
04.07.2014Box for donationUkraine69.76 US dollars
27.06.2014Box for donationUkraine19.44 US dollars
27.06.2014Box for donationUkraine35.52 US dollars
27.06.2014Box for donationUkraine15.16 US dollars
20.06.2014Andrey K.Ukraine168.71 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine9.96 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine28.07 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine29.2 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine27.96 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine4.23 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine8.45 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine13.24 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine27.48 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine16.91 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine0.94 US dollars
18.06.2014Box for donationUkraine34.01 US dollars
05.06.2014Rob D.Great Britain161.73 US dollars
23.05.2014Box for donationUkraine41.83 US dollars
23.05.2014Box for donationUkraine120.46 US dollars
19.05.2014Box for donationUkraine14.47 US dollars
19.05.2014Box for donationUkraine22.55 US dollars
19.05.2014Box for donationUkraine39.14 US dollars
19.05.2014Box for donationUkraine19.63 US dollars
19.05.2014Box for donationUkraine10.85 US dollars
19.05.2014Box for donationUkraine13.1 US dollars
06.05.2014Box for donationUkraine15.69 US dollars
06.05.2014Box for donationUkraine42.11 US dollars
06.05.2014Box for donationUkraine28.78 US dollars
06.05.2014Box for donationUkraine10.7 US dollars
05.05.2014Rob D.Great Britain161.32 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine35.7 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine15.35 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine48.68 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine44.73 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine24.56 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine27.72 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine49.55 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine40.61 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine39.03 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine24.56 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine21.49 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine12.72 US dollars
30.04.2014Box for donationUkraine34.64 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine124.04 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine87.66 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine73.11 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine118.34 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine35.06 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine90.29 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine8.79 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine68.26 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine55.89 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine52.48 US dollars
29.04.2014Box for donationUkraine21.04 US dollars
25.04.2014Box for donationUkraine83.4 US dollars
25.04.2014Box for donationUkraine22.59 US dollars
25.04.2014Box for donationUkraine8.84 US dollars
22.04.2014Rob D.Great Britain81.43 US dollars
22.04.2014Rob D.Great Britain81 US dollars
17.04.2014Box for donationUkraine53.36 US dollars
17.04.2014Box for donationUkraine41.53 US dollars
17.04.2014Box for donationUkraine14.9 US dollars
17.04.2014Box for donationUkraine17.53 US dollars
17.04.2014Box for donationUkraine30.76 US dollars
07.04.2014Box for donationUkraine10.39 US dollars
07.04.2014Box for donationUkraine15.45 US dollars
07.04.2014Box for donationUkraine5.15 US dollars
07.04.2014Box for donationUkraine43.17 US dollars
07.04.2014Box for donationUkraine62.4 US dollars
25.03.2014Box for donationUkraine18.99 US dollars
21.03.2014Box for donationUkraine36.13 US dollars
21.03.2014Box for donationUkraine10.09 US dollars
21.03.2014Box for donationUkraine15.33 US dollars
21.03.2014Box for donationUkraine6.92 US dollars
21.03.2014Box for donationUkraine27.99 US dollars
20.03.2014Box for donationUkraine41.99 US dollars
20.03.2014Box for donationUkraine79.06 US dollars
19.03.2014Box for donationUkraine31.18 US dollars
17.03.2014Box for donationUkraine153.82 US dollars
17.03.2014Box for donationUkraine55.37 US dollars
14.03.2014Box for donationUkraine215.86 US dollars
13.03.2014Box for donationUkraine137.9 US dollars
13.03.2014Box for donationUkraine47.83 US dollars
12.03.2014Box for donationUkraine64.77 US dollars
12.03.2014Box for donationUkraine82.82 US dollars
11.03.2014Box for donationUkraine117.69 US dollars
11.03.2014Box for donationUkraine50.07 US dollars
07.03.2014Box for donationUkraine69.24 US dollars
07.03.2014Box for donationUkraine72.02 US dollars
07.03.2014AnonymousUkraine1.3 US dollars
05.03.2014Andrey K.Ukraine200 US dollars
12.02.2014Box for donationUkraine105.26 US dollars
12.02.2014Box for donationUkraine130.63 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine62.65 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine30.38 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine70.12 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine48.17 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine48.22 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine48.46 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine15.36 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine31.39 US dollars
10.02.2014Box for donationUkraine67.62 US dollars
17.01.2014Andrey K.Ukraine500 US dollars
11.12.2013Andrey K.Ukraine75.07 US dollars
04.11.2013Amy S.USA1000 US dollars
04.11.2013n/aUkraine100 US dollars
07.10.2013Andrey K.Ukraine100 US dollars
09.08.2013А.Ukraine4378.83 US dollars
09.08.2013А.Ukraine37532.8 US dollars
22.07.2013Pavel S.Ukraine1876.64 US dollars
19.07.2013Kulakovskay LjbovUkraine125.11 US dollars
05.07.2013Rob D.Great Britain449.39 US dollars
07.06.2012Ltd.White PageUkraine1251.17 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 171391.72 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
08.11.2019Gas for a children s village811.11 US dollars
08.11.2019purchase of trees and grapes in Ukrainka and Lyubimovka, 25 pcs.70.28 US dollars
08.11.2019repair of a washing machine, purchase of parts for connection, light bulbs in a car47.45 US dollars
08.11.2019bank comission16.22 US dollars
05.11.2019bank commission 11.20191.29 US dollars
31.10.2019bank commission 10.20190.29 US dollars
28.10.2019Payment of motor third party liability for33.71 US dollars
28.10.2019bank commission 10.20190.06 US dollars
18.10.2019Facebook Social Advertising33.4 US dollars
18.10.2019bank comission6.06 US dollars
18.10.2019Car repair car Daewoo Lanos (Lanos)161.72 US dollars
18.10.2019bank commission 10.20190.06 US dollars
17.10.2019bank comission1.41 US dollars
07.10.2019Car repair car Daewoo Lanos (Lanos)115.39 US dollars
07.10.2019Directions to the congress of eco-settlements in Kiev65.01 US dollars
07.10.2019Purchase of used bricks 700 pieces28.44 US dollars
07.10.2019Delivery of metal, boards, bricks, primers from Vasilyevka, travel to Zaporozhye for meetings89.14 US dollars
07.10.2019bank commission 10.20190.12 US dollars
07.10.2019bank commission 10.20190.09 US dollars
01.10.2019bank commission 10.20190.12 US dollars
27.09.2019bank commission 09.20190.06 US dollars
27.09.2019bank commission 09.20190.06 US dollars
25.09.20192800 kg of cement with delivery306.97 US dollars
24.09.2019bank commission 09.20190.36 US dollars
24.09.2019battery for car lanos64.26 US dollars
24.09.2019transportation, delivery of bricks under the project Moomin Troll House34.01 US dollars
24.09.2019mobile communication per month4.09 US dollars
19.09.2019bank commission 09.20190.97 US dollars
17.09.2019auto repair lanos, partial payment for overhaul60.55 US dollars
17.09.2019grass mowing, fuel, chainsaw repair17.8 US dollars
17.09.2019reissue of Yandex card4.84 US dollars
12.09.2019Car repair car Daewoo Lanos (Lanos)170.21 US dollars
03.09.2019Car repair car Daewoo Lanos (Lanos)142.42 US dollars
03.09.2019Car repair car Daewoo Lanos (Lanos)96.27 US dollars
29.08.2019bank commission 08.20191.79 US dollars
27.08.2019bank commission 08.20190.06 US dollars
19.08.2019 New Mail - delivery of testers2.19 US dollars
01.08.2019bank commission 08.20190.09 US dollars
23.07.2019Facebook Social Advertising14.31 US dollars
23.07.2019Screws, files, hoses and connectors for gas14.43 US dollars
17.07.2019Expenses for a grant, project work We are a city (travel several times Ukrainka - Zaporozhye)58 US dollars
11.07.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 07.201919.54 US dollars
04.07.2019Payment for water for watering trees for 2 months (Happy House 4, 5)68.57 US dollars
04.07.2019Spare parts for motokosa, a wire for grapes, a laying of bricks, an adhesive tape for the pool, the electric drill56.67 US dollars
04.07.2019Mowing grass in the children s village (100 acres)38.4 US dollars
04.07.2019The cost of travel of the new family in the children s village14.97 US dollars
26.06.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 06.201919.17 US dollars
24.06.2019Cement, Paint, Wheel for cars, Rollers, Saw, etc.75.61 US dollars
13.06.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 06.201919.09 US dollars
06.06.2019Gasoline, grass mowing oil, gas 2 floor, fishing line, wire, hoist shaft55.03 US dollars
06.06.2019Directions Mikhailovka - Tokmak - Vasylivka - Zaporozhye44.78 US dollars
31.05.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 05.201918.68 US dollars
30.05.2019Capital repairs of the washing machine, replacement of the bearing127.42 US dollars
21.05.2019Fence and animal enclosure228.98 US dollars
21.05.2019Sunroof, ceiling 2nd floor15.27 US dollars
17.05.2019Car charger6.45 US dollars
14.05.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 05.201919.23 US dollars
11.05.2019Motokosa, travel93.49 US dollars
11.05.2019Gasoline for mowing grass buckets, gas canisters, travel15.72 US dollars
11.05.2019Computer repair 3 pcs.30.53 US dollars
11.05.2019Metal - mesh kanilirovanny for the fence 4 mm - 17 sheets; Profile 20 * 40mm - 74 m; Fittings of 10 mm - 200 m for the pool, delivery378.54 US dollars
11.05.2019Replacing 4 tires for Renault, travel19.84 US dollars
03.05.2019repair of Renault car51.59 US dollars
03.05.2019service needs, repair kit72.52 US dollars
03.05.2019management of the project for April 2019263.58 US dollars
24.04.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 04.201918.81 US dollars
22.04.2019Payment starter for car Renault Trafic 2010 AP 7952 CP169.25 US dollars
20.04.2019bank commission 04.20192.77 US dollars
19.04.2019bank commission 04.20194.47 US dollars
19.04.2019bank commission 04.20190.11 US dollars
17.04.2019bank commission 04.20191.47 US dollars
17.04.2019Spade pit on the pool5.35 US dollars
17.04.2019Shower hoses, electric dryer, taps 6 pieces81.39 US dollars
17.04.2019Saplings of roses, tui, fir-tree, 4 shovels63.62 US dollars
17.04.2019Saplings: 4 pines, 12 tui, 10 junipers411.64 US dollars
12.04.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 04.201918.71 US dollars
10.04.2019management of the project for March 2019262.21 US dollars
09.04.2019Purchase of grapes saplings (30 pcs), apple trees, sweet cherries134.74 US dollars
28.03.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 03.201918.54 US dollars
25.03.2019juniper, thuja, roses86.59 US dollars
15.03.2019Payment for services UKRPOSHTA - sending correspondence9.28 US dollars
13.03.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 03.201919.08 US dollars
12.03.2019management of the project for February 2019292.64 US dollars
27.02.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 02.201918.61 US dollars
22.02.2019Payment of social advertising on facebook, search for parents in the children s village29.33 US dollars
22.02.2019Payment for cleaning the gym in January 2019, the purchase of a volleyball - classes with children from the children s village and Lyubimovka17.04 US dollars
20.02.2019Land tax 201816.39 US dollars
19.02.2019Help DDST90.71 US dollars
14.02.2019Travel documents for Renault Trafic insurance1.86 US dollars
14.02.2019Travel for documents under the contract with Zaporozhgaz2.42 US dollars
14.02.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 02.201918.66 US dollars
13.02.2019The costs associated with the renewal of the car Dacia Lodgy: Examination of the car, New numbers, Registration, Fuel, Bank Commission59.59 US dollars
12.02.2019management of the project for January 2019297.4 US dollars
05.02.2019Handball ball for school and children’s village21.08 US dollars
05.02.2019Paperwork on the house number 3 (travel)20.06 US dollars
30.01.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 01.201918.08 US dollars
28.01.2019Payment of insurance payment car Renault Trafic 2010 AP 7952 СР34.7 US dollars
22.01.2019Car repair car Daewoo Lanos (Lanos)140.45 US dollars
17.01.2019Delivery of assistance from the store Massa 1.61 US dollars
14.01.2019taxes on the salaries of the fund 01.201917.83 US dollars
10.01.2019Car maintenance Renault and Lanos, driveways54.94 US dollars
10.01.2019Partial prepayment - plot in Vladimirovka №535.56 US dollars
10.01.2019Travel, preparation of documents d.34, Ukrainka7.47 US dollars
10.01.2019management of the project for December 2018284.47 US dollars
10.01.20192 tires for Renault car142.24 US dollars
12.12.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2011 / АР7952 СР97.2 US dollars
07.12.2018Land registration (production of technical documentation and assignment of cadastral number) plot number 34 in with. Ukrainian89.67 US dollars
30.11.2018management of the project for November281.78 US dollars
27.11.2018transport to Mikhailovka - documents for the house #3416.38 US dollars
22.11.2018payment for paper work for the house purchase56.38 US dollars
22.11.2018payment for electricity for the construction and camp35.14 US dollars
06.11.2018transport and taxes for registering land in Vladimirovka32.66 US dollars
06.11.2018management of the project for October232.02 US dollars
28.10.2018equipment ofr construction8.93 US dollars
24.10.2018paper work for land, Vladimirovka71.05 US dollars
22.10.2018Birthday gifts for children from the children s village88.71 US dollars
11.10.2018bank commission 10.20183.46 US dollars
10.10.2018transportation of solar collectors81.34 US dollars
10.10.2018help to graduates of children s village64.1 US dollars
10.10.2018social advertizing of project in facebook78.77 US dollars
08.10.2018Consumables for repair106.86 US dollars
08.10.2018Payment of Daewoo Lanos car insurance (Lanos)30.15 US dollars
08.10.2018bank commission 10.20180.11 US dollars
04.10.2018Inappropriate use of a card account1.8 US dollars
27.09.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos51.67 US dollars
25.09.2018delivery of plastic windows19.56 US dollars
21.09.2018management of the project for september177.81 US dollars
21.09.2018installation of internet cable, digging holes48.19 US dollars
14.09.2018medicines for graduate orphan Yana D., transportation14.22 US dollars
11.09.2018Transportation of windows and frames14.18 US dollars
04.09.2018Building materials for a shed, garage, a fence, payment of work818.38 US dollars
04.09.2018Payment for train ticket for Volunteer Denver20.89 US dollars
03.09.2018Bolts for a trampoline, screws, a cover and fastenings for a toilet bowl88.15 US dollars
03.09.2018the help to the graduate Yana D. on training in academy31.86 US dollars
03.09.2018painting of a fence (advance payment), soil planning53.46 US dollars
31.08.2018journey to the Shirokovsky Village Council - consultation on DDST4.27 US dollars
31.08.2018grass mowing, cleaning of the territory, vykopk of trenches for a cable17.78 US dollars
31.08.2018water for the camp17.78 US dollars
31.08.2018project management for August174.28 US dollars
30.08.2018Installation of fencing, electrical wiring, street toilet106.7 US dollars
29.08.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos125.52 US dollars
29.08.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР76.74 US dollars
29.08.2018Cable 67 m, Cable corrugations 4 m, Protective machine 2 pcs. for lighting in the Children s Village71.65 US dollars
28.08.2018Purchase of building materials: board, profile pipe, delivery420.99 US dollars
23.08.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР119.24 US dollars
23.08.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos47.7 US dollars
22.08.2018Welding works50.52 US dollars
22.08.2018Installation of fencing, electrical wiring, street toilet101.05 US dollars
16.08.2018fittings for concreting of 3 wells for water (the top part under the hatch)78.73 US dollars
16.08.2018self-tapping screws of 700 pieces, cutting wheels, electrodes, paint for a fence of the house No. 3 and No. 436.43 US dollars
16.08.20183 hatches sewer, a professional flooring for a toilet, screws, nuts, bolts, washers115.48 US dollars
15.08.20186 strips steel, the socket - electrification and lighting of the territory9.72 US dollars
15.08.2018project management for August145.67 US dollars
15.08.2018Wire, telescopic rod, plug, adapter10.43 US dollars
14.08.2018Lighting for Children s Village: Circuit Breaker, LED Lamps, Cable, LED Tape, Box, Clips, Switch, Console Lamp130.93 US dollars
14.08.2018payment for water - watering about 100 trees from April to July 201854.86 US dollars
13.08.2018Prepayment for technical documentation for 2 sites 0.25 hectares in a. Vladimirovka73.41 US dollars
10.08.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos331.97 US dollars
09.08.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos42.65 US dollars
07.08.2018digging hole for WC5.53 US dollars
03.08.2018project management for July181.4 US dollars
30.07.2018petrol Daewoo Lanos (Ланос)3.74 US dollars
19.07.2018project management for July152.63 US dollars
09.07.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР69.54 US dollars
26.06.2018Informational support of the project, paper workfor land and new houses95.28 US dollars
26.06.20182 big electro teapots, ventilation devicefor kitchen129.58 US dollars
18.06.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos76.76 US dollars
18.06.2018bank commission 06.20180.08 US dollars
16.06.2018fishing line and the coil for trimmer, cameras bicycle, transport to Zaporozhye - grant appeals61.02 US dollars
07.06.2018payment to the lawyer and ship collecting on registration of purchase of the house in the Ukrainian84.82 US dollars
06.06.2018technical documentation for the house #3469.8 US dollars
06.06.2018hose of 3/4 25 m, connectors, nozzles on a hose, the soldering iron for pipes, scissors for pipes, patches on the pool + journey to Zaporizhia and Mikhaylovka94.62 US dollars
31.05.2018Repair of electric saws3.83 US dollars
29.05.2018project administration in May 2018210.88 US dollars
24.05.2018delivery of humanitarian aid, materials24.73 US dollars
24.05.2018installation of windows to the beacon, springs for a trampoline, fastenings34.51 US dollars
24.05.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos268.39 US dollars
17.05.2018purchase of the house305.25 US dollars
17.05.2018execution of the registration certificate on the acquired house15.64 US dollars
17.05.2018journey to Mikhaylovka and Vasilyevka, execution of the power of attorney - acquisition of the house in the Ukrainian23.05 US dollars
15.05.2018Car repair Daewoo Lanos309.18 US dollars
10.05.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР37.44 US dollars
08.05.2018delivery of a brick, braid, staff for a braid, a nozzle on a hose, disks for an electro braid30.03 US dollars
07.05.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР42.58 US dollars
03.05.2018cleaning of the gym for March - section of soccer and volleyball, purchase of garden stock (sapk, a staff), registration of the land plot No. 42 in the Ukrainлф village35.81 US dollars
27.04.2018purchase of plumbing fixtures for houses in the Ukrainika village - the pump, the counter for water, pipes, corners and adapters, cranes etc. by the check163.93 US dollars
27.04.2018project administration in April 2018209.68 US dollars
25.04.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР209.34 US dollars
23.04.2018Repairing a car RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР141.15 US dollars
20.04.2018Repairing a car RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР9.56 US dollars
17.04.2018Car repair RENAULT TRAFIC 2010 АР 7952 СР180.15 US dollars
16.04.2018changing tires for summer type, repair of brake system for Renault car29.09 US dollars
12.04.2018biosecurity for fence 5 l, external socket, nails 4 kg, key set, welding electrodes (project lighthouse)41.85 US dollars
12.04.2018Payment for car repair Lanos130.89 US dollars
11.04.2018rake, hoe, hoe, level, brush, drill, etc37.69 US dollars
10.04.2018decorative trees and plants92.21 US dollars
10.04.20184 tires for Lanos car118.72 US dollars
10.04.2018safety bar for engine for Renault Traffic car65.32 US dollars
10.04.201850 grape plants + delivery53.79 US dollars
10.04.20184 litres motor oil for Lanos car and motoblock10.37 US dollars
10.04.2018service and repair of Renault Trafic car (Autumn 2017)213.24 US dollars
05.04.2018Payment for car repair Lanos53.17 US dollars
03.04.2018Delivery of documents3.8 US dollars
03.04.2018repair of Renault car21.29 US dollars
30.03.2018project administration in March 2018207.21 US dollars
30.03.2018sapk, rake, the extender with sockets, lamps light-emitting diode41.44 US dollars
21.03.20182 balls and payment for cleaning of the gym25.86 US dollars
21.03.2018transportation of beds from Zaporozhye17.11 US dollars
20.03.2018Washing machine delivery0.95 US dollars
13.03.2018change of tires on Renault car, delivery of washing machine after repair, transportations to Mikhailovka31.46 US dollars
06.03.2018service and repair of the Renault Traffic car in Ukrainka village (2 times for 2000 kilometers)223.09 US dollars
06.03.2018installation of the hitch for the Renault minivan39.57 US dollars
27.02.2018Fundraising and management of the project for Fabruary 2018166.63 US dollars
20.02.2018delivery of metall and equipment from Kiev and Zaporozhye to children s village115.93 US dollars
07.02.2018Fundraising and management of the project for January 2018163.87 US dollars
07.02.2018Land tax 201716.22 US dollars
02.02.2018transportation for the gas connection (paper work)18.39 US dollars
28.01.2018coordination of construction work for Dec 2017132.02 US dollars
24.01.2018Directions foundation staff0.69 US dollars
03.01.2018payment to project manager in Dec 2017155.57 US dollars
03.01.2018payment to project manager in Dec 201715.46 US dollars
31.12.2017payment to the manager of construction161.93 US dollars
30.12.2017Toys, sneakers, gadgets, memory cards, gift certificates for purchases669.82 US dollars
25.12.2017advance payment for construction107.7 US dollars
21.12.2017Travel coordinator in the Children s Village to congratulate the children12.67 US dollars
20.12.2017Piping 26 m with delivery76.35 US dollars
19.12.2017advance payment for construction199.02 US dollars
15.12.2017Production of polygraphic products2.19 US dollars
15.12.2017Generator for Children s Village437.8 US dollars
15.12.2017transportation for generator and door23.71 US dollars
14.12.2017advance payment for electrical materials110.39 US dollars
12.12.2017The travel of a psychologist (visiting the family of Ivanova E.)1.03 US dollars
05.12.2017administration of construction for 11.2017220.46 US dollars
01.12.2017Production of posters 4 pcs.17.23 US dollars
29.11.2017Children s play house, delivery14.86 US dollars
27.11.2017trips to the sport training63.17 US dollars
27.11.2017Fundraising and management of the project167.2 US dollars
27.11.2017Fundraising and management of the project167.2 US dollars
23.11.2017Building materials187.64 US dollars
20.11.2017Transportation of things2.26 US dollars
17.11.2017digging hole for water tubes30.22 US dollars
17.11.2017advance payment for steel94.42 US dollars
17.11.2017tree plants, 75 pcs41.55 US dollars
13.11.2017Travel psychologist2.99 US dollars
13.11.2017return of unused money-26.17 US dollars
13.11.2017trees delivery6.06 US dollars
07.11.2017Fundraising and management of the project167.42 US dollars
06.11.2017Building materials148.82 US dollars
06.11.2017Fan heater 3 pcs, Oil cooler 5pcs, Infrared heater 2pcs, Delivery341.2 US dollars
30.10.2017Cultivator to motoblock108.62 US dollars
30.10.2017Harrows needle to motoblock - 3 pcs.37.28 US dollars
23.10.2017administration of construction for 10.2017226.08 US dollars
23.10.2017advance payment for construction work for houses #3 and #575.36 US dollars
19.10.2017advance payment for construction work208.13 US dollars
17.10.2017fundraising and administration169.57 US dollars
04.10.2017Advance for construction work on the house № 5112.34 US dollars
02.10.2017transport expenses for Happy Child village project in July-October 2017162.76 US dollars
01.10.2017capital repairs of the engine and wheel system of car Lanos535.05 US dollars
27.09.2017Building materials227.42 US dollars
27.09.2017Administration of construction for Happy Homes No. 1-5 for 09.2017.227.42 US dollars
21.09.2017The travel of a psychologist to DDST in Kalinovka, Lyubimovka4.2 US dollars
19.09.2017Building materials266.93 US dollars
18.09.2017repair of Renault Traffic car167.78 US dollars
18.09.2017digging for the mainaining tubes for irrigation, 23 meters30.51 US dollars
15.09.2017Building materials415.68 US dollars
13.09.2017Building materials269.14 US dollars
11.09.2017water for summer camp23.36 US dollars
11.09.2017fundraising and administration172.59 US dollars
05.09.2017for project administration and fandraising148.92 US dollars
05.09.2017Fridge, stove601.98 US dollars
21.08.2017Building materials470.77 US dollars
18.08.2017Repair of the trampoline (payment for work)10.98 US dollars
17.08.2017for project administration195.52 US dollars
11.08.2017Purchase of spare parts for repair of trampoline (springs, fastenings, delivery)22.15 US dollars
10.08.2017Enamel, brush, solvent5.17 US dollars
08.08.2017fundraising and administration174.13 US dollars
08.08.2017repair set for swimming pool10.45 US dollars
11.07.2017welding of the fence76.86 US dollars
03.07.2017fundraising and administration176.38 US dollars
26.06.2017Materials for the irrigation system99.8 US dollars
14.06.2017computer109.48 US dollars
09.06.2017Transportation of sports equipment7.65 US dollars
09.06.2017Boxing pear, Mat 17 pcs; Sport carpet95.61 US dollars
06.06.2017transportation costs - building the house 3 and the house 5, driving through affairs of fund for 1/20/2017 - 4/15/2017198.47 US dollars
02.06.2017fundraising and administration171.04 US dollars
02.06.2017TV, clothes, shoes, CD38.06 US dollars
31.05.2017Electrodes, cutting wheels, grid6.67 US dollars
23.05.2017service of the Renault car76.92 US dollars
23.05.2017Payment for motor transport services for the delivery of metal, beds, siding28.85 US dollars
04.05.2017service of the motor-block, purchase of belts and oil15.84 US dollars
04.05.2017fundraising and administration169.66 US dollars
08.04.2017fundraising and administration147.29 US dollars
08.04.20172 tires for the minibus of Renault117.83 US dollars
08.04.2017mattress40.51 US dollars
24.02.2017fundraising and administration147.92 US dollars
15.02.2017the washing machine (it is transferred by the donor)275.67 US dollars
14.02.2017Land tax 201716.38 US dollars
08.02.2017Delivery Report (Mikhailovskoye STI) (the land tax in 2017)5.24 US dollars
01.02.2017fundraising and administration147.71 US dollars
26.01.2017transportation expenses on a construction of houses No. 3 and No. 5 from 17.11.2016 till 25.01.2017166.02 US dollars
19.01.2017Circuit breaker12.67 US dollars
28.12.2016fundraising and administration131.33 US dollars
28.12.2016Reimbursement for sending MoneyGram10 US dollars
13.12.2016Delivery and setup of 2 pianos, the block-flute, strings95.06 US dollars
13.12.2016fund raising and administration of Happy Village project for November 201688.87 US dollars
01.12.20164 winter tires on the Renault car traffic211.28 US dollars
23.11.2016fund raising and administration of Happy Village project for October 2016135.74 US dollars
22.11.2016Saplings of nut of 20 pieces38.62 US dollars
22.11.20162 block flutes for children13.13 US dollars
18.11.2016TV Set 40 330.09 US dollars
16.11.2016payment for water to the summer camp9.79 US dollars
10.11.2016volleyball and basketball balls (execises in the gym of the village of Lyubimovka)24.65 US dollars
10.11.201690 saplings of trees (apple-tree, sweet cherries, apricots, nuts)89.98 US dollars
03.11.2016drum kit with 4 drums for musical occupations of children215.19 US dollars
25.10.2016fund raising and administration of Happy Village project for September 2016136.5 US dollars
17.10.2016Oil Radiator 3 pcs130.51 US dollars
05.10.2016Motoblock Centaur 1081D cutter, plow889.25 US dollars
28.09.20164 pairs of earphones, speakers for occupations English at Lyubimovsky school24.55 US dollars
27.09.2016repair of a flute for occupations of children82.62 US dollars
26.09.2016Sending documentation (project)0.31 US dollars
22.09.2016projector Delivery1.93 US dollars
20.09.2016fund raising and administration of Happy Village project for August 2016115.83 US dollars
06.09.2016wall painting in the gym at the village school139.68 US dollars
31.08.2016Directions for training2.09 US dollars
23.08.2016Development of drawing at home Happy House 711.88 US dollars
09.08.2016fund raising and administration of Happy Village project for July 2016120.94 US dollars
03.08.2016laying of a cable (hole) to the pump for water12.1 US dollars
28.07.2016Payment delivery of equipment to the station4.43 US dollars
28.07.2016Purchase 2 springs for trampoline repair, transportation6.05 US dollars
25.07.2016production of a football goal, rukokhoda, benches, repair swing + metal103.74 US dollars
21.07.2016Reimbursement for sending MoneyGram12 US dollars
19.07.2016Profiled metal 1150 * 2000 7 sheets for a toilet and shower in camp31 US dollars
19.07.2016pipe , a pump for the well water , a pump cable , the corners , faucets85.18 US dollars
19.07.2016transport expenses on the constraction24.51 US dollars
19.07.2016Pipe profylnaya 136 in stock for Production of Futbolnыh gate, arch Winegrowing equipment and sports inventory255.02 US dollars
14.07.2016electric trimmer powerful4630.82 US dollars
14.07.2016fund raising and administration of Happy Village project for June 20166431.7 US dollars
15.06.2016Hose karcher primoflex 3/4 25 m, couplings and connectors41.74 US dollars
08.06.2016PVA 44m cable, plug rubber, rubber socket, insulating tape20.71 US dollars
01.06.2016Poster 2 pcs, 10pcs Diploma8.55 US dollars
19.05.2016Directions Vasilevka, Zaporozhye (report)1.18 US dollars
21.04.20165 Bunk beds with gear981.35 US dollars
04.04.2016Seedlings 80 pcs15.26 US dollars
22.02.2016basketball ball for training for village children13.78 US dollars
22.02.2016linen, pillow, blanket for Sasha Zalozniy from kalinovka orphanage26.07 US dollars
22.02.2016The land tax in 201615.8 US dollars
18.02.2016Getting the regulatory monetary valuation of the land discharge9.34 US dollars
09.02.2016voleyball ball for the training in Lyubimovka village13.51 US dollars
09.02.2016blanket and pillow for orphan Nelya from Ukrainka village9.65 US dollars
27.01.2016soccer balls for children in Lyubimovka39.13 US dollars
26.01.2016devices for electricity30.65 US dollars
15.12.2015Transporting the computer for the Children s Village with Mr. Borodino at the office3.59 US dollars
11.12.2015Transporting dishwasher1.75 US dollars
11.11.2015Concert in Ukrainka village - transportation of children, foods6.59 US dollars
05.11.2015purchase 90 trees to planting in the chidlren s village and Kalinovka, transportation116.12 US dollars
20.08.2015natural gas for cooking for builders12.41 US dollars
05.08.2015mowing grass in the summer camp11.83 US dollars
27.07.2015lavatory pan, cover, etc23.1 US dollars
26.07.2015set for the bath shower, switch, etc, for summer camp10.45 US dollars
20.07.2015sockets, nails, etc. for outside lighting29.53 US dollars
26.06.2015System unit of 2 pieces, monitor of 3 pieces, keyboard of 3 pieces, mouse of 3 pieces101.69 US dollars
19.06.2015Payment for electricity 03,04,05.201566.48 US dollars
17.06.2015Connection to the electricity consumption Zaporozheoblenergo19.82 US dollars
03.06.2015repair of the house for Angela P. (cerebral palsy)18.97 US dollars
21.05.2015Electricity payment13.87 US dollars
27.04.20152 trips to Ukrainka village16.73 US dollars
05.01.2015Payment for the water4.76 US dollars
30.12.2014Notarization donation of land238.64 US dollars
26.12.2014Payment for electricity for the construction27.4 US dollars
26.12.2014saw216.48 US dollars
26.12.2014petrol5.45 US dollars
18.12.2014Obtaining statements from the State Land Registry20.24 US dollars
02.12.2014Postage, envelopes, stamps0.61 US dollars
01.12.2014Payment for electricity12.69 US dollars
19.11.2014Wheelbarrows for construction42.76 US dollars
19.11.2014Transportation batteries, clothes28.62 US dollars
11.11.2014trasportation to Miokhailovka - registering land documents12.93 US dollars
11.11.2014registration of privacy rights for the land16.42 US dollars
04.10.2014Transportation of trees - landscape design near new Happy Home -338.64 US dollars
20.08.2014Design and survey work for the production of a land development project on land allocation for construction and maintenance of residential houses, commercial buildings s.Ukrainka85.03 US dollars
07.08.2014Materials for arranging camps Elektroprovodka- tensioning cable 10p; 21sht splitters; 15m cable; sockets; switches27.69 US dollars
07.08.2014Materials for improvement of the camp: Water supply to shower and rakovinu- Clutches 4 units; 2pcs knee; tee 2p; Pipe 20m; cranes 3pcs32.91 US dollars
07.08.2014Materials for improvement of the camp: Film upholstery soul; Corners for kreplneniya; Paint 3l; Brushes; White spirit; Sheet of OSB boards for basketball.49.77 US dollars
01.08.2014Gas for the cooking for builders12.54 US dollars
31.07.2014The water supply: 15m (pipes, valves, for work, POL)103.33 US dollars
18.07.2014Purchase materials for board gazebo; Wire, nails, screws, paint, primer, cement, OSB sheets, Sockets, Ceiling lamp, Delivery of materials521.07 US dollars
17.07.2014Registering private property for the land for the children village42.66 US dollars
17.07.2014Transportation to the Mihailovka and Lyubimovka - registering land property17.92 US dollars
09.07.2014Construction materials: Brick red single-650uah 500p; Gazoblok 200pcs-1880grn; 19 pc board-793grn; cement 8meshk-424grn; Payment Excavator 2hrs-700grn;381.45 US dollars
09.07.2014Delivery aerocrete, cement, rebar, boards, insulation171.56 US dollars
09.07.2014Payment of fuel on the road builders64.33 US dollars
09.07.2014Materials: Bucket-400UAH 12p; Screws 1000p-300grn; 3kg-nails 100 UAH; Insulation 20m2-500grn; Cement 500-m (50 kg) bags of 30-1950grn; Wall Formwork 20pcs 1800grn.433.18 US dollars
08.07.2014Design and survey work for the production of two technical documentation on Land112.21 US dollars
08.07.2014Rental rebar 10 A500S measure 12m83sht 6 m - 0.65 tons482.37 US dollars
07.07.2014Delivery of cement blocks, boards, bricks84.86 US dollars
24.06.201430 tons of rubble479.31 US dollars
02.06.2014land registration in the Children s Village11.7 US dollars
13.05.2014paper work for land1.97 US dollars
29.04.2014Design and survey work on making land development project on land allocation for construction and maintenance of residential houses, construction rabot_Dogovor № 10 from 17.02.2014g.197.13 US dollars
29.04.2014Design and survey work on making land development project on land allocation for conducting liichnogo agriculture s.Ukrainka Lyubimoskogo selsoveta_Dogovor № 11 from 23.04.2014g.76.51 US dollars
29.04.2014Design and survey work on making land development project on land allocation for conducting liichnogo agriculture s.Ukrainka 40 Lyubimoskogo village council area of 0.0916 ga_Dogovor number 279 from 19.07.2014g.242.74 US dollars
24.04.2014Design and survey work for the production of technical documentation on Land demarcation of land in the Treaty nature_ Dogovor № 14 from 02.04.2014g.115.44 US dollars
24.04.2014Design and survey work on making land development project on land allocation for construction and maintenance of residential houses, construction rabot_Dogovor № 13 from 02.04.2014g.98.77 US dollars
17.04.2014Join 3 sites19.55 US dollars
25.03.2014trabsport to Vasilievka - paper work with land7.71 US dollars
18.03.2014Transportation to Mikhailovka14.35 US dollars
27.02.2014Draft first home in children s village278.42 US dollars
17.02.2014Payment for land registration service27.78 US dollars
11.01.2014Transportation to Lubimovka village to register land documents15.01 US dollars
11.01.2014Payment to register documents of land to for the village12.51 US dollars
30.12.2013Payment services for the development of the project ROW350.31 US dollars
26.12.2013Payment services for the development of the project land acquisition346.43 US dollars
12.11.2013Registration of land in the Children s Village 0.9 hectares - the study of soil75.07 US dollars
06.11.2013passage15.64 US dollars
01.11.2013Delivery trees and plants to Happy Village and to Kalinovka from Novomoskovsk323.03 US dollars
27.09.2013Lubricants poezka in Detskuyu Wood12.51 US dollars
02.09.2013Geodetic measurements for first home218.94 US dollars
02.09.2013Transport to children s village37.41 US dollars
30.08.2013Prepayment architect for the project development of the first house Children s Village 100.09 US dollars
29.08.20130920.81 US dollars
08.07.2013Documentation of two plots of land312.77 US dollars
03.04.2013Development of the project s home № 1100.09 US dollars
27.09.2012Surveying the land87.58 US dollars
20.09.2012Payment of land s.Ukrainka312.77 US dollars
15.08.2012ponds investigation in Ukrainka village125.11 US dollars
06.08.2012ponds investigation in Ukrainka village (prepaid)125.11 US dollars
30.07.2012transport33.4 US dollars
27.07.2012Transport to the children s village12.51 US dollars
18.07.2012Services Surveyors area for children s village75.07 US dollars
16.07.2012Transport for volunteers to the children s village8.13 US dollars
10.07.2012Paperwork for the children s village331.29 US dollars
03.07.2012Transport for volunteers to the children s village30.03 US dollars
03.07.2012Paperwork for the children s village500.47 US dollars
08.06.2012Transport to the children s village30.03 US dollars
16.02.2012letter of attorney for the registration of the Children s village land27.54 US dollars
00.00.0000fundraising and administration247.56 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 54613 US dollars

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