Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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The Opening of the Happy Home-3 for orphans is just around the corner!

Your financial support can help us complete the construction works this fall and give ten orphans a happy home

Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Daria Sukach, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-08-11 19-50-00 Viewed, times: 1111
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Thanks to your amazing support, we have progressed a lot with construction works on the Happy Home-3 in the children's village "Happy Child" over the past few months.

We have completed the works on heat insulation and painting of the facade. In addition, we have installed the heating system as well as sanitary equipment. We are currently decorating the rooms. Thanks to the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, we have raised the funds for purchasing an induction stove, a washing machine, a refrigerator and a fume hood.

Thanks to the support of Zaporozhstal steel company, we have managed to install a swing, a metal tennis table, a trampoline and an above ground pool. We also enjoyed two sessions of "Children's village" summer camp.

We still need your financial support to welcome ten orphans to the new home this fall. We need volunteers for such construction works as laying tiles, installing ceiling drywall, wall puttying, building a balcony as well as carrying thermal insulation to the second floor.

We also need:

- Electric and solar water heaters;
- Water tanks;
- Chandeliers and lamps (better light-emitting diode lamps);
- Sliding-door wardrobes; computer and writing tables, chairs, wall-bars, kitchen-furniture, a couch and other kinds of furniture;
- Curtains and ledges, jalousie (blinds);
- A TV set, computers and a printer.

You can support our Happy Home-3 project from any corner of the world right now -

We are always delighted to answer all your questions. Email us at info@deti.zp.ua or give us a call +3 8 066 513 34 35.