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The car is not a luxury, but this is an opportunity to help indigent people

Every trip to a medical institution for disabled people turns into another examination.

Author: Natalia Moroz, Barabanov Victor, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-11-03 22-30-00 Viewed, times: 259
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What could be sadder for a person to be closed from the outer world and not to be able to go outside. If you still need medical procedures which you are needed to be done in another part of the city, then it is not only difficult physically for the disabled person, but it is also expensive for the family budget. Since 2013, the Happy Child Foundation has being tried to solve the transport problems of disabled children who have applied for help, but for some time now the eight-seats minibus Renault Traffic has been moved to the village of Ukrainka for the needs of foster families. For foster families who are living in far from the urban infrastructure, the car is not just a mean of transportation, but it is an urgent need. The nearest grocery store is 20 km far from the village. If the child is sick suddenly, then naturally, fast delivery to the nearest first aid post will reduce health risks.

Another car serves families living in Kalinovka, Chernihiv region. There are 14 children with disabilities living in two houses. Perhaps it is difficult to overestimate the need for a vehicle for people who are limited in movement. The car is also used to transport volunteer groups performing concerts for psycho-neurological boarding schools for adults.

As a result, nowadays, the foundation needs a car that will help the sick and disabled children from Zaporizhzhya and the region in the framework of the "Social Taxi" project. We would like to bring back that this project has been worked since 2013 and has included assistance in the transportation of children and young people with cancer for examination in a medical institution, assistance in the transportation of children with disabilities to convalescent centers, assistance in organizing transportation for excursions for sick of infantile cerebral and other disability groups (museums, circus, trips to Khortytsya Island).

4 children from the convalescent center in Shcherbinovka visited Kiev in March 2014

Our regular customers were and hopefully will be further more than 80 disabled children, if some indifferent people will help us in buying of the car. Perhaps, it should not be new one, but in good condition, with a capacity of at least 6 people and with the possibility of carrying of a wheelchair. The approximate cost of such used cars is about 20 000 USD

You can make a donation in any convenient way for you. In the field Уpurpose of the paymentФ, please specify: Charitable donation for the "social taxi" project.

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