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Anna Kirilenko, born in 2008 - hip osteosarcoma

Fundraising is closed! Anya is now at home. Doctors in Kiev advised not to carry out yet chemotherapy. The following year, Anya waiting in the hospital for consultation.

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Oxana Burns, www.deti.zp.ua
Published: 2014-10-01 19-00-00   Viewed, times: 4305

Anna Kirilenko, born 27.02.2008

Diagnosis: Osteogenic sarcoma of the lower third of the femoral bone.

ATTENTION! AS AT 30.12.2015 .: Fundraising is closed!
Anya is now at home. Doctors in Kiev advised not to carry out yet chemotherapy. The following year, Anya waiting in the hospital for consultation.

It was spring 2014. People passed that time differently. As for Anna and her mom, they were preparing for the farewell party in the kindergarten, learning poems by heart and looking for the first special party dress - a long, blue, and beautiful one... But a simple sore throat prevented them from shopping. On the second day Annas leg started aching and her mom took her to a pediatrician and this is when it all started. On the third night in the regional children's hospital the diagnosis "a tumor of the lower third of the femoris" sounded like a sentence. To clarify the diagnosis, a computer tomographyscan was made, and after consultation with local oncologists, the child was urgently sent to the Kiev National Cancer Institute. On May 6th the first biopsy showed a disappointing result- tumor cells were found in the mass. On May 26th, an open biopsy was carried out, and only two weeks later an accurate diagnosis "hip osteosarcoma" was set. By that time the girl could not do without painkillers, she lost appetite and some weight. Anns mom finally got the diagnosis and treatment protocol which included 6 cycles of polychemotherapy before surgery, 8-12 cycles after the surgery plus the surgery itself mounting the prosthesis either a Ukrainian one which costs 50,000 hryvnyas (3,861 US dollars) or an imported one of 20,000 US dollars. All treatment is supposed to take over a year and almost all the time the girl has to be in the hospital. Based on the experience of other parents in similar situations, we can say that the treatment will cost between 50-70,000 hryvnyas (3,861-5,405 US dollars). This is just to help the child stay up! As of today Anna has completed three cycles of chemotherapy accompanied by severe intoxication, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. Annas mother has gathered medical receipts for 7,000 UAH (540 US dollars). She applied to state authorities for help. This is not that they refuse her right away. They ask her to submit the bills for the necessary medicine so they could discuss it at the next City Council (held every month) whether or not to pay them. But the problem is she has no time to wait as the girl needs antiemetic drugs NOW as well as bandages, syringes, plasters, etc. NOW!

This is Anna before her illness...

Marina, Annas mom, brings up the girl by herself. She lives with her daughter in a dormitory on her poor salary of a nurse as she works in the children's department of Zaporozhzhye Regional Clinical tuberculosis dispensary. She is familiar both, with childrens tears and pain. Her little patients know her good sympathetic heart... But she cannot cope with this trouble alone.

The girl is a fighter! Its hard, but she does not give up! She loves to sing, dance, and she is such a cheerful and sociable person. Anna's dream is "to leave Kiev and have no pain in her leg" and it can come true with your help.

The family lives in Zaporozhzhye.

Telephone number of Marina,Annas mother: +38 067 88 67 858.

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