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Photo report about use of donations: Zaporozhia regional children's hospital

Due to sponsors of the "Happy child" fund metall-plastic windows were installed in the reanimation department and a new equipment was bought for clinical laboratory

Author: Albert Pavlov, www.deti.zp.ua
Published: 2008-05-14 00-00-00   Viewed, times: 11715

Due to sponsors of the "Happy child" fund metall-plastic windows were installed in the reanimation department and a new equipment was bought for clinical laboratory

We try not to forget about the financial requirements of medical establishments besides the direct help for the families of sick children

There is a great number of needs in the reanimation department of the largest region children's medical establishment Zaporozhia regional children's clinical hospital (ZRCCH).

Unfortunately for the present moment our fund has no financial possibility to provide the department with all necessary medical equipment which is very expensive (it concerns the devices of artificial respiration which cost more than 175 000 dollars., cuveses for new-borns (more than 20 000 dollars.), device for hemodialysis). At the same time, due to the help of people donating to our fund we have solved another problem of the reanimation department. The problem concerned old windows frames in three wards of reanimation department which became useless (the age of windows, probably, runs up to 40 years). For example, the aperture of dismantled conditioner in one of the windows was covered with veneer, also it was impossible to close some windows firmly etc.

Old windows in reanimation department of Zaporozhia regional children's clinical hospital are much more older than the articles author age.

The hole covered with veneer.

After having consultation with a head of the department it was made a decision to change 5 large old window frames for new metall-plastik windows. Now patients of the reanimation department cannot be afraid of draughts and noise and the medical staff can easy open a window without the risk of its falling outside.

Among other needs of the reanimation department we can mark the necessity of installation of conditioners which must have been set as quick as possible till summer.

It is necessary to buy at least 5 conditioners with power 12.

The process of changing windows in the reanimation department.

The clinical-diagnostic laboratory of ZRCCH has recently got a new equipment. The specialists of laboratory now can use a new centrifuge for blood preparations Opn-3 by Dastan and microscope Micros MC-10, bought due to the Happy child fund means. The laboratory needs another centrifuge Opn-3 and two-chamber refrigerator (with a small freezer) for preparations storage. Totally the sum of 22 000 UAH was payed by our fund for the improvement of financial state of ZRCCH this month.

Financial statement:

3950 UAH - Centrifuge of OPN-3 for the laboratory of ZRCCH
14850 UAH - Setting of plastic windows (3 wards)
in the reanimation department of ZRCCH
3500 UAH - Microscope Micros MC 10 for the laboratory of ZOKDB

Now the laboratory staff can not be afraid the overheat of the centrifuge as it was with old device.

The Centrifuge OPN-3 is used every day for blood preparations treatment.

We are convinced that people which are not indifferent to these problems can help to equip the hospital with the newest equipment. After all if the difficult situation occurs our children cannot get high-quality medicine care.

Donations can be transferred to the account of the "Happy child" fund or equipment can be bought and given to the hospital by people themselves.
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