Waisen und kranke Kinder von Zaporoshye, Ukraine
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Taisia Babich, 2 years old West Syndrome

Fundraising is closed! Thanks to the many donations we have been able to purchase vital medicines for Thai. Thank you all for the help

Author: Alina Seniuk, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua
Published: 2016-03-24 16-15-00   Viewed, times: 3951

Taisia Babich, born on 29.04.2013

Diagnosis: West Syndrome.

ATTENTION! ON ON 11/05/2016 AS of: Fundraising is closed!!
Thanks to the many donations we have been able to purchase vital medicines for Thai. Thank you all for the help

Three years ago there was a day which brought both joy and sadness to the Babich family. Marina gave birth to a little girl named Taisia, a fragile baby who made the house shine. But the joy was not long as doctors said Taisia was really sick, she had a congenital brain pathology. Since six months of age, the girl has been suffering from convulsions. Her diagnosis is symptomatic epilepsy, West syndrome. MRI showed corpus callosum hypoplasia. Variant of unilateral closed schizencephaly (of the right frontal lobe). Cortical cerebral atrophy of frontal, temporal lobs; vicarious external hydrocephalus. Cystic lesion of velum interpositum. The list is not small as you see
The girl was prescribed medication treatment, which unfortunately failed to give any results. Taisia cant even go through the initial rehabilitation as it will not be successful as long as convulsions are not reversed. They repeat every day in 4-5 series - 20-50 convulsions a time. It is a very painful condition. The girl cries, her tears are running, and the mother unfortunately cant help her.

Now Taisia is 2 years and 11 months old, but she still cant sit on her own, walk or speak. Her weight is 10 kilos and she has trouble keeping her head up. The muscles of her arms and legs are weak. The girls development is far behind other children of this age. Every day, looking at the poor baby, her family is suffering as they see they cant help.
But Taisias doctor gave her mother a hope that the convulsions may be reversed if the family buys an expensive drug and makes injections. It is a hormonal drug, Sinacthen Depot, and the girl needs about 20 ampoules. The regimen is 1 mg/10 kg of body weight. The drug shows good results, but it is expensive, one ampoule is about USD 27 (UAH700).

The girls mother, Marina, is in her maternity leave, she does not work. She lives with her parents, who are retired and have minimum income. Taisias father does not live with the family and does not help with money. Child allowance is spent to pay for food and massage. This is a very big amount of money for the Babich family. Thats why they are asking for your help. They really hope one day they can see the girl walking, talking and just living her life as all other children They would be so thankful for your support.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

Contact phone number of Marina: +38 097 714 75 44 (mother)

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