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Christina Asatryan, born in 2012 - Damage to the central nervous system, congenital atrophy of the optic nerves in both eyes

Fundraising closed! The amount needed for rehabilitation has been collected! Thanks friends!

Author: Natalia Moroz, 
Published: 2021-10-22 16-55-00   Viewed, times: 1095

Christina Asatryan
Christina Asatryan, born in 13.07.2012

Diagnosis: Damage to the central nervous system, congenital atrophy of the optic nerves in both eyes.

WARNING! AS OF 02.02.2022: Fundraising is closed!
The amount required for rehabilitation has been collected! Thanks friends!

9-year-old Christina is a child with developmental disabilities. And, as a rule, such "special" ones are in a hurry to be born ahead of time, so they themselves still do not know how to do many things. So they have to stay in hospitals for nursing the first days, months, and maybe years of life. Kristinka spent her first year in the hospital. When we were discharged home, the parents hoped that they would cope further on their own. But with such a baggage of diagnoses (broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, hypoxic lesions of the central nervous system, partial atrophy of the optic nerve), we had to seek medical help again and again. At the age of 2, Kristinka contracted a viral infection and was treated for meningitis for a long time. A complication after the disease was the development of hydrocephalus, so at 2 years and 4 months a shunting system had to be installed. And the child, who by that time could sit and eat on his own, again turned into a bedridden and with feeding through a tube. I had to learn everything anew.

Christina Asatryan

Christina's dad left the family, and the only support for Olga, Christina's mother, for a long time was only her grandmother. This allowed Olga to continue working to support her family. But, unfortunately, a couple of years ago, my grandmother passed away.

Today, nine-year-old Christina is studying at a specialized boarding school for visually impaired and blind children. There she has friends, just like her "special". There are not many of them, but together they are comfortable. They have their own little world and their own games. Loud and harsh environmental sounds tend to scare children who cannot see. But at the same time, sounds are a thread connecting them with this unknown world. This is probably why Christina loves music classes most of all at school.

Mom, in order to be closer to her daughter, received a second education and works in the class where Kristinka is a teacher's assistant.

Christina Asatryan

Now Christina herself does not walk yet, only holding on to her mother's hand. But this is already progress! Olga is sure that this is due to the rehabilitation courses. Used to attend classes at local centers. And this year, in the summer, for the first time, they ventured on a short trip to a rehabilitation center in the Dnipropetrovsk region. They mastered new methods of work and got excellent results. And now Christina confidently stands at the support and walks with support. The experience of communicating with new people, sounds and sensations is no less important.

Olga Asatryan dreams that she will be able to bring her Kristinka to the John Center again and again. So much work has already been done! I would not want to lose the skills acquired with such difficulty. Support our Kristinka!

The cost of one rehabilitation course is 500 dollars.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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