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Andrey Shchennikov, born in 2005 - Grade 4 idiopathic right-sided thoracic scoliosis

The funds necessary for the operation have been collected! Thank you for your support!

Author: Natalia Moroz, 
Published: 2021-12-21 18-21-00   Viewed, times: 1273

Andrey Shchennikov
Andrey Shchennikov, born in 2005.04.21

Diagnosis: Grade 4 idiopathic right-sided thoracic scoliosis.

Andrey is a sociable and friendly guy. Since childhood, he has played sports: wrestling, gymnastics, football. He enjoys collecting computers, repairing cars and sorting out motorcycles. This was his life before. Now physical activity for Andrey is almost impossible.

Andrey Shchennikov

It all started with back pain. Doctors have long assured that there is no cause for concern. Over time, a headache was added to the back pain, breathing became difficult, and even walking began to bring discomfort. It was then that the parents sounded the alarm. Andrei was diagnosed with grade 4 idiopathic right-sided thoracic scoliosis.

Further, in the fight against "scoliotic posture", various methods were involved regular massages, exercises therapy courses, the use of a special corset. They consulted with experts in Kharkov, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Lvov. All doctors had a different vision of the situation. They could not find a common solution for Andrey's situation.

It seemed that we were marking time. When we were already happy that it was getting better, it always got worse, Andrey's family worried. After another leap in growth, the curvature worsened again. Doctors still could not come to a consensus about the corset. Parents continued to donate large sums of money to classes, massages and physiotherapy. They attended therapy in Melitopol, came to Kharkov and visited classes there. Finally, one of the clinics in Kharkov offered a radical method of treatment: surgery to correct scoliotic deformity of the spine using a titanium implant structure.

Andrey Shchennikov

When I heard about the operation for the first time, I started to cry, says Andrey. It would seem that the boys do not cry, but I was really scared. This is a complex multistage operation, and a metal structure will be inserted into me! I was shocked!

To carry out such a complex operation, it is necessary to purchase a special ridge fixation system. Andrey's parents have not yet been able to find resources for this. And the operation needs to be done urgently, because the state of health is getting worse every day.

The cost of the system is 4 500 dollars.

We ask you to support the guy on his way to life without pain!

You can also support a fund project called Andrii: looking for a way out, which started on the Internet platform dobro.ua.

The family lives in Melitopol, Zaporozhye region.

For more information, you can also contact the staff of the "Happy Child" Foundation

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